Title: Sky for Dragon, Earth for People
Code #: 230
Team leader: Jack Sidener
Team members:
Country of origin: U.S.A.
Average ranking:  (1.2)
Number of votes: 1013
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  • central waterfront: do it yourself, pathetic
  • HongKong needs a true jury
  • patetico
  • 241, YOU ARE A FAMOUS LICK BOTTOM - 你是一個舔底部
  • Blocks will create vibrant street life, but needs more open space
  • Could be very good or could be very bad! Much will depend on quality and authenticity. Please don’t be like Fisherman’s wharf in Macau – Awful!
  • dear americans, pls learn the real chinese characters (formal font) instead of the simplified font invented by the communist party
  • Design should be at a pedestrian scale.
  • DesigningHongKong与發展商黑商作業,全港市民被戲弄
  • don't try to exclude the poor!!! it is very important for the waterfront enjoy by all ordinary people!!!
  • Entry 230 proposes return of and people oriented activities and people-scaled textures to the waterfront which does not necessitate further modification of the waterline! The latter is of greatest importance in my mind because the proportion of the water
  • Finally a real design for real people, not a designer fantasy.
  • FUCK YOU.小你老母. 全港市民上
  • Good integration with water and good proportion with human scale.
  • harbour side development would exclude all but the rich
  • HongKong needs a true jury
  • How on earth did this even make top 4?! I don't get it, seriously one of the worst design in this contest!
  • human roads
  • I applaud your passion and vision, congratulations! From 241
  • I feel sombody is string pulling for you! I FEEL SOMBODY IS STRING PULLIG FOR YOU! ;))
  • I'd like to ask again: is it PARIS? CHINATOWN? or MACAU???
  • Interesting ideas on streets, markets and Chinese symbolism - HK needs them. Need more open spaces and a few landmarks here and there, plus stronger synergetic clusters.
  • Madrid with an oriental flavor?
  • nice
  • Nice idea but why turn HK into a fake US Chinatown?
  • no comments
  • No improvement on reclamation extent nor transport system – lots of low rise development on reclaimed land. Does not address City's vision
  • nothing inovative. Not a leading design just more buildings
  • ok very goood excellent creativity,g ogogog
  • Place not shut down at night Continuous net work of green open space
  • Question for designing hongkong, how do you describe letting more commercial in harbor front? isn't it playing with law to allowing developer fufill their brief?
  • Simple and addresses a serious urban problem in Hong Kong city. Nice!
  • The enjoyment of our current waterfront is lacking not because of the absence of big gestures of interest but contextual richness. Ideas suggested by this entry hopefully address the problem with smaller scale construction projects with minimal disturbanc
  • The idea is interesting.. the arts are beautiful.... but the reality is what you want to recreate is simply not something you can construct artificially ... how sad....
  • the quality of your design is quite equal to your lick bottom 241 project
  • This is a very nice design which show dedication to people, to the memory of place and is highly sustainable encouraging street life, mixed use and a reasonable density. This is true urbanism. Congratulations
  • this is my favourite idea!! it's definitely one of the more unintensive land use ideas, but still, it looks the most enjoyable and promising. throw in something there for the young adults and teens, and you'll be on your way to the next causeway bay.
  • This is one of the the best project ideas as its about more than wishy wash tourism. It allows an urban fabric to evolve and a dynamic neighborhood. Active 24/7 and fantastic human scale.
  • very childish...cheesy...could really use more imagination and better presentation skills...
  • Very good idea about 'mid-block parking hill intermediate layer', but would like to see this one idea much more developed...
  • very nice dawing like your style !
  • Very poor design. NO clue why it's one of the finalists.
  • Was Jack Sidener not an architecture professor at Chinese Universityof HK? Unfortunately no degree of sensitivity and informed design can surpass the power of strings being pulled.
  • well play, designing hongkong, well play, no more design for hongkong, not anymore!
  • what the hell r u doing ?? architecture or comic book. it's too fantasy..... if judges like it... they were stoned. i bet they are. Dragon? hahahahahahahah
  • 我們不要懷舊設計
Team Description:
Email: sidener@hawaii.edu
Phone: 1-808-956-3511
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