Title: Hong Kong Cascade Gardens
Code #: 014
Firm/Team: Arkhenspaces
Team leader: Eric Cassar
Team members: Julien Bertrand, Zully Sibille
Country of origin: France
Average ranking:  (4.7)
Number of votes: 9496
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  • It looks like a landfill site.......very disgusting
  • just a lot of NON-reasonable fragments leave there... NO HK style! and UGLY
  • it looks so strange and ugly
  • I really don't like it
  • it does not fit the image of the waterfront...disaster
  • -like a dump; a wasteyard, if you see the whole elevation view very bad project but you vote yourself many times
  • A beautiful desing of tranquility
  • A bit immature. What does this image of falling buildings / collapsed buildings on the harbour mean?
  • a concrete city center is exactly, what we DON'T NEED
  • A touch of nature / oxygen in the concrete jungle. Very refreshing!!
  • After look into design, I can see there are lots of fun to hang around. Refreshing design idea, form the view og HK
  • Awful, excessive building.
  • bellisimo
  • Best project
  • best project for HK bay
  • City, nature, diversity of gardens ...For me, it a good way to define HK in one place.
  • Concrete Concrete,Concrete,
  • Convincing and calming projet
  • Crazy
  • creativity for the habour on variety of uses
  • Disorder CHAOS 不知所謂
  • DO NOT PLAY the VOTE please stupid ...
  • DON'T WORRY ICON PROJECT HAVE ALWAYS CAUSED POLEMICS when it has been created a lot of people wanted Eiffel tower to be destroy and now it is Paris icon . I do believe in your original vision for HK . Good luck .
  • El mejor de todos
  • Este proyecto conjuga un microcosmo particularmente interesante, entre los jardines, paseos y vista al mar, a mi parecer el punto debil es mucho concreto armado. Suerte
  • exelent desiign
  • exelente
  • exellent projet
  • Fabuloso
  • Fabulous design!!!
  • Fantastic proposal and sensitiveconcept, Big effort in articulation betwen Architecture and urban green spaces
  • Fantastic proposal, lots of fun place to hang around
  • fantastic slide idea
  • Great idea of contemporary spaces
  • Great idea!
  • Great way to link roof parks. Fantastic views of harbour. Interesting architecture + diversity.
  • has trees, it relates to the harbour
  • hi man, your design make me feel there (HK) will become "a concrete city" , you know , where is green and local features? From Mr concern HK
  • i dont understand it!
  • i feel a bit diappointed by the harsh edge between the habor and land you created by your megastructure. the cascading building typology will work in hillside, but not along the rather plain landscape.
  • i know HKand i think that is à very well done project for this city *
  • i like how it doesn't block the other buildings (and their views)
  • I really like this project , I think that it's very innovative and interesting.
  • i thing this is a great proyet, good lucky.
  • I think this design is quite nice, full of special style
  • I think this idea is a some kind of idealism
  • I would love to see gardens on the seafront, and this projects respects the skyline you see from Kowloon. I love it !
  • In the dark side, wrong project
  • it feels alive.
  • It is something wrong in this system of voting, that your design, not to bad but among many better proposals, has obtained such a high ranking!.
  • It is very hot for you! Already 300 voices! Bravo!
  • it's verygood project for H K
  • it'sa very well and fresh project ! Bravo
  • iteresting work with greenery in mind, but needs more symmetry. Odd angles make it look like an earthquake hit the harborside.
  • Just love it. Lots of creativity.
  • Just love it. Lots of creativity. This is what I want for my Hong Kong.
  • just simply cant understand...is it informality or is it chaos u r trying to bring into HK?this is the prize asset of HK and yet.......
  • looks like mudslide
  • Love how you designed the buildings slanted so people can look down to the harbour and enjoy the view. fururistic look. o [] [] w i z [] [] o
  • low structure doesn't alter the view too much, but it's a bit too long
  • Muy Bueno
  • Nice design but too mush concrete
  • Nice idea, but how about the further?
  • nice project !
  • Not bad
  • Not grand enough that befits the harbour of Hong Kong.
  • Nothing special
  • OH... my god.... kill me
  • perfecto diseno
  • really awful...
  • Sensitive concept betwen urban architecture, forest and sea view
  • Simple concept wide fields and important harbour view
  • Superb concept. Nice transition between built environment and seashore. Congratulations!
  • that's really spoil our harbour by putting such a giantic structure at the edge of waterfront....... how can the ppl enjoy the view?? where is the rest of design? I'm curious where will be this structure located!!
  • the best one
  • The solution is more complicated than the problem!
  • there's no input in master planning and enhancing the use of the harbour at all, it is just a jumble of ships and junks stacking over and over along the waterfront.
  • This is a fabulous design! LOVE the idea of bridging sea and city with a diverse mix of vegetation - reflecting Hong Kong's own diversity!
  • This is a wonderful design, the best i've seen among all the designs of the competition. Complex architecture, and pure lines at the same time!
  • This projet showing different from all others
  • ugly
  • very bad
  • very good
  • very interesting contemporary and modern design, more air for the people
  • very messy waterfront
  • Very nice idea of different landscape or differents atmospheres
  • very nicee desing
  • very ugly indeed
  • Very, very nice desing, point of view and understanding the principals of urban space as a bio-human pscholgy
  • well it's like a bad school project. anyway, hong kong harbor is not a bay. we dont call it a bay
  • well.......what happening to hk waterfront..a bomb drop
  • what i want is a garden
  • what the............. Just like a harbour front just after the earthquake attack!
  • why so much votes and so few comments ? It means lots of self voting !!!
  • With creativity, but really weird~
  • wonderfull absolutely gongratulations
  • wonderfull project
  • you are crazy! very interesting project!
  • your design is good, but too complex
  • _silent+shock
  • 一堆水泥板隨便放在海邊 把整條香港海岸線弄的"亂七八糟"
  • 亂! 亂七八糟
  • 北京橙风全力支持老鬼的设计,你是我们的骄傲!(23留)
  • 最佳项目
  • 現實。您知道什麼我們需要。5
Team Description:
Website: http://www.arkhenspaces.net
Email: info@arkhenspaces.net
Phone: +33 6 32 41 86 23
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