Code #: 140
Team members: Katarzyna Maloziec, Ewelina Jaskulska, Dorota Maliszewska
Country of origin: Poland
Average ranking:  (3.2)
Number of votes: 3633
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  • only bad draw
  • Nice but where is the project ????
  • >500 VOTES SAME IP. do not cheat anymore or you'll be disqualified. www.designinghongkong.com
  • no project
  • . . dear mr design hk, mr concern hk, mr eight forces and whomever playing games, we admit we cheated with 1500+ votes , but someone must have also put it that much with low ranking
  • too dense!!!!
  • you are making so much buildings in the waterfront!!
  • ................................................transformers
  • 2D -->not bad 3D-->SUPER BAD
  • = student graphic works not a urbanism / architectual professional approach
  • A nice project. A lot of space and fresh air. Cool design
  • A student job
  • a very bad proyect
  • A very optimistic design, full of light and positive energy!
  • A well balanced dseign but a few dimensions more might make it better. Dredging is not that practical for one. The desgner gives flattering remarks on Chinese culutre, but can surely define better what he is trying to say. As well, why not put in more
  • Anti urbanism project
  • anyway..............................what is wrong with hk waterfront building.they look better than your proposed............
  • as a competition project, it is one of my favorite for sure, just feel pathetic about those naive people complaining about voting without really voicing constructive opinions, wish they are not from hk, hopeless
  • Being objective, besides the cultural connection (futility because of cosmopolitan character of HK) you have done a very nice graphic presentation ! Congratulations! Not necessary to hire more voices :)
  • cermanic design.....................i am sure hk developer will love this design
  • come on get back to school
  • completely graphics..odes the team know...grpahic cannot represent what the reaL WORLD LIKE
  • Congratulations Ladies! My favourite
  • Do not vote to yourself and comment yourself please stupid guys
  • Excellent...l love the integration between land and sea, the blend between contrasting elements. Very hard to achieve but l believe this submission succeeds in doing just that.
  • Exellent, great design.
  • fantastic, full of innovations, dynamic and integrated with HK specific characteristic. Congratulations
  • firstly, lack of site context in your design. secondly, just present your graphic skills (but colour taste too bad). No cultural consideration. No landscrape and urban design factor.
  • Good conection of 2D with 3D. Dynamic plan and dynamic elevations!
  • Good design. Gives a lot of possibilities for the future.
  • good photoshop but the project is empty
  • good work!
  • Great connect land with sea, nature in the city, modern design - this is architecture of the future.People will be proud of their human space. Like this project most! My favourite :)
  • Great Design
  • Great project!
  • great!
  • Great! mMy favourite!!
  • I believe there is a typhoon shelter where you have the big curve near the Convention center. I suggest a focus on sustainability for it to work.
  • i do admit............it look so sad.this design.colour....pattern.......i prefer....1920 masterplan
  • I don't like that delicate look. It should be more agressive along the waterfront. But the nightview is OK.
  • I don't like the low buildings in the whole design. I miss skyscrapers, which are the symbol of a modern city center.
  • I keep my fingers crossed for this project. It is a brave and rare design style.
  • i like it very much!
  • I like it very much, keep going
  • I like the atmosphere of this proposal. It makes me feel the wind coming from the water..
  • i love it!
  • I love it! Poland is the best!! Greetings form KM, Your best fan :) I'll give only a 5, because there is no higher marks!
  • i love the presentation, graphics and colors! and congratulations for the design!
  • in my opinion the best desing in the whole competition!
  • is only a superficial draw!!!!!!!
  • It is both airy enabling space to breathe and because there a not too many high rises, allows natural light to flood the area. It impresses on me the feeling of calm yet is functional/practical too. It seems to achieve an integration of stark contrast, w
  • it is very interesting project
  • it's great project
  • light and space
  • like it
  • like it, its the best!
  • Lot of space, green and blue - plants and water in the city.This gives this project the first place in the competition. Poland, good luck!
  • love it!
  • Love it!!! My favourite
  • love your graphics,will be good if it can tell more about the relationship w/ surrounding ?
  • Mój ulubiony!!
  • My fovourite!!!
  • nice
  • nice work!
  • No improvement on reclamation extent or transport system – striking graphics – cyberport in Central?
  • no proyect, only draw
  • non profession
  • Not much carried over from HK heritage, which has been diappearing in many ways. We need more of those themes. Very dynamic and complex forms but what are their cultural basis for this site?
  • Really like the fluid shape designed and the idea to add more greenery
  • scary colour..............................cermanic pattern......................
  • school year 1 level
  • Soon you will have 200 votes!
  • Sorry, but I meant the designer should put in more local cultural contents. What a waste, he seems to know a lot about us!
  • Spectacular, dinamic and light form...well, well done!!
  • starting high, but ending up being cliche and common
  • super super super
  • tasty
  • The concept has a feeling of closeness to nature often lost in waterfront reclaim It is a fresh approach and is pleasing to the eye. First class
  • the graphics are done very nicely.. but i don't really understand the design...
  • the waving buildings correspond with the water very well, but bring a big challenge for the construction engineers. it won't be easy to built.
  • This is a message from Web administrator: Competition participants are not allowed to vote for their own submissions. This is the last warning
  • This is not a graphic design competition
  • This would make an interesting + diverse waterfront
  • unsustainable in infrastructure, lack of continuity. Urban design is not merely a grafic design, and putting more "water" and "green" doesn't mean sustainable, regarding economic sustainability. Weak in design principles. But your design energy and imagin
  • Very contemporary an futuristic vision of Hong Kong. Oriental and oryginal example of the XXI century urban design...
  • Very impressed with the colouration and softness of the graphics, instead of mechanical hardlines.
  • very interesting design and nice and light presentation
  • very interesting project - hope will be draw
  • Very nice site!
  • week concept and bad presentation skill
  • well well well - very good project
  • What is it about? don't understand
  • what is relationship between Lao Tzu and HK?
  • why look like old rusting metal..is that the concpet
  • why the design is just focus to the bay near Convention Centre.......it should be developed as a whole!
  • Without text, lack of ideas, nothing to say
  • you cannot make so much buildings on the waterfront, give me some space!!
  • you guys were 2.8 last night. Now You are 3.4 star...so how many votes require back to this level
  • you're brave to propose such a geometrical and abstract urban design, but it seems to work very well! not a bit conventional, just like Hong Kong is. That's why it fits.
  • your design is totally different. It breakes the rules of classical urban planning. low rise buildings and a lot of green public spaces would change the city in a positive way, as it is very crowdy and loud at the moment
  • your vision is realistic, I love the idea of nature coming into the city center
  • ___somebody really doesn't like this project if in two hours from 2nd place is almot on the end, from 600 voices has suddenly over 1000. Is it fair?
  • _____________most 2d design.....in this compeition....get a prize
  • łorafira łuhu
  • жаль, что не имеется немного уважения в качестве природы
  • 一張不錯的畫 但幼稚 / chaos in architectural /urbanism
  • 不是叫你做瓷磚設計 學生水準... not professional
  • 北京橙风全力支持老鬼的设计,你是我们的骄傲!(23留)
  • 現實。您知道什麼我們需要。5
Team Description:
Email: ejaskulska@gmail.com
Phone: 0048602 44 44 63
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