Title: Hong Kong Triennial Park
Code #: 111
Firm/Team: Choi Design Partners
Team leader: David Duhahn Choi, AIA
Team members: Zhu Qinyi, Zhang Jian, Wang Xu, David Choi
Country of origin: U.S.A.
Average ranking:  (3.3)
Number of votes: 3989
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HK_Triennial_park_A4_submission.ppt (10.9MB)
HK_Triennial_park_A4_submission.pdf (6.8MB)
  • . it appears same comments appear on various other submissions...hmm
  • HK strike back...8
  • international buffer for HK....bring back the people from other parts of commonwealth
  • hong kong lives!!!!
  • H K t e r r i f i c P a r k
  • looks so strange
  • 八國聯軍再入侵中國,目標香港. From Mr. concern HK
  • +a
  • A Cool proposal for HK / More success for HK
  • A new American Carpet Style?
  • Absolutly fragile project
  • Awful
  • B O R I N G
  • Bad communication. Bad cubes.
  • does HK ppl allow to get into ... say Japanese 'region'?
  • Does HK want to attract terrorists?
  • Don't trust the votes! This is only a game!
  • este proyecto es muy bonito, que idea!
  • fascinating
  • GOOD
  • Good to have triennial park
  • Good!
  • grass lawn + a piece of flag = ???
  • HK’s equivalent to Central Park
  • hmm. you received lots and lots of votes in short time, how did you do it?
  • how many USA patriots and friends can vote a bad project just because is't american?
  • I like the international aspect of this model!
  • I think the design will improve but turning those flats into advertising bill boards. Great value from top of IFC2
  • I was just wondering how u turn the image of flag into the real landscape!! the concept is so weak
  • Ingenious. A serious proposal outside the box
  • interesting
  • It can be only an American style. Flags garden.
  • it is lovely, graphic could be better though
  • it looks very international
  • it should be renamed as Hong Kong Terrible Park
  • kindgarten level design + childish ideas= this entry
  • looks cool
  • lots of things to reconsider...nothing special
  • my god.....
  • Nice flags
  • Nice PATCHWORK but not good enough for US
  • Not bad. but what happens outside triennale time. In fact, what happens if HK does not have a triennale?
  • oh.. what's a 2 days work...
  • Poor proposal, honk kong deserves something better!
  • sb
  • Seems to be grounded in an appreciation for HK's defining feature (that skyline, seen from harbor in so many travel mag photos), without being encumbered by the impracticality of some of the more utopic visions portrayed by many of the other entrants to t
  • shit
  • so the scheme is: to divide the nations with roads.... what's a unfriendly idea...
  • Someone is really thinking here
  • terrible, is it a world cup time-table?
  • the concept reflects the topical US culture... otter to be international nation, but piece of bullish...
  • The idea of Triennial Park is interesting and innovative. However, would prefer more green open space.
  • this is not a game. dont propose stupid ideas
  • This plan will turn HK from commercial center to cultural center. Chinese are not just workers, also leaders
  • very convencional
  • Very good
  • very interesting idea!
  • we don't need a 365 days a year olympic game opening ceremony in hk
  • well conceived / creative integration
  • what the hell were you thinking? what did you think it was supposed to be a commercial for the olympic games?
  • what's the point?
  • where are the ideas.... i only see unsignificant flags on your masterpln... it looks pretty lame
  • why we need a united nation in hk????? don't spoil the harbour
  • Wow, this sounds fantastic. Maybe I will get to take advantage of it one day and the Society for Neuroscience will go to Hong Kong. This design sounds splendid
  • You like flags?
  • 不错
  • 全力支持
  • 北京橙风全力支持老鬼的设计,你是我们的骄傲!(23留)
  • 很有创意
  • 我觉得双年展这个创意比较的明确,有价值
  • 有想法
  • 虽然香港是国际化的大都市,但其自身的特色才应该是香港要展现给外部世界的
  • 设计思路清晰,不错顶了~~~~
  • 非常好,
Team Description:
Website: www.choidesignpartners.com
Email: dc@choidesignpartners.com
Phone: 001-617-834-5090 (USA)
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