Title: New Hong Kong Waterfront
Code #: 008
Firm/Team: Architects.Collective
Team leader: Richard Klinger
Team members: Richard Klinger, Cesar Kos, Andreas Frauscher, Kurt Sattler, Birgit Schmidt
Country of origin: Austria
Average ranking:  (3.2)
Number of votes: 83
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New HK Waterfront Booklet (3MB)
  • urban design NOT architecture please
  • a series zaha hadid building..............with a big green
  • bldg looks so nice
  • building is not so fresh, and where is the masterplan?
  • did i not see these styple all the time in austrian young architect
  • Gi
  • good building design but bad masterplan design
  • good idea and great rendering
  • great appealing form but similar to Zahn Hadrd's work great lownless landmark
  • great appealing iconic architecture and smaller urban scale objects design, how about urban spaces?
  • great, good idea.
  • hadid style.........
  • heavily homesick designer--he doesn't know HK at all. But he is the right architect for the waterfront project.
  • I love the waterfront Amphitheater Good job!
  • love it. great job guys!!
  • Modern and stylish.
  • Nell
  • Quite recognizable Coop Himmelblau Swiczynski Student Work CHS-SW :))) Very well done!
  • Sleek and futuristic architecture
  • Some interesting innovation in the proposed design
  • The building is good, but I think it doen't match the other skyscrapers and makes me feel odd to put it in this location~
  • very nice building..............but where is the masterplan
  • We do not need a ring of resturants and cafes along the harbourfront from Central to Causeway Bay !!! The habourfront should be accessible to the public at no cost.
  • well....very empty design...........................simple full of form
  • zaha hadid springs to mind
Team Description:
Website: http://www.architectscollective.net
Email: office@architectscollective.net
Phone: +43-1-581 62 80 20
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