Title: Realizing a Feasible Dream
Code #: 190
Firm/Team: Henry CW Ho and Members
Team leader: Henry HO Chi Wing
Team members: Alexander NGAI, Karmin TONG, Jessica C. GUO
Country of origin: HK
Average ranking:  (3.2)
Number of votes: 294
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Realizing a Feasible Dream (1.4MB)
  • -just like Shenzhen city center... very ugly...
  • -像深圳市政府區.. 一堆不知所謂.. sorry
  • 3 F's for who?
  • 3 Fs principles: very relevant to the issues for developing this site - Functionality, Flexibility and Feasibility
  • An interesting approach, I support the idea of less reclamation
  • anyway .thanks for joining
  • Anyway, it seems like the most down to earth approach, and most likely t be implemented, VERY GOOD, Keep on going!
  • Brave review of planned ozp - Nice inner harbour - it could have been more graphically attractive
  • convention Centre to the International Financial Centre and an underground city between the Tamar government headquarters and the exhibition centre. It also features a Piazza San Marcos-style civic square behind the Star Ferry Pier for public gatherings.
  • dfixrmwc mldqxke kyamj hctwep kidcbanv nkcim rchdwz
  • Feasable and environmentally friendly: VERY GOOD!!!
  • Feasable but not attractive!
  • Forrest of buildings and to less nature :/
  • Good excersice to avoid the massive reclamation. Queen's Pier is retained and kept as pier (instead of a pavilion! as per PlanD's suggestion!!!)
  • good illustration urban design plan and make full use of computer to show a vivo picture of central waterfront
  • I dont buy it..
  • Inreresting approach, lost of water and reduced roads
  • It can easily be enhanced with more landscaped decks and roof! GOOD PLANNING AND SPATIAL FRAMEWORK! Good luck...
  • It capitalizes the main feature of Victoria Harbour, its water body and the immediate context. Very logical and acceptable proposal.
  • less is less, nothing
  • Less is more...
  • Looks very promising!
  • not 3 Fs...more like 1 E principle: E for embarrassment. That about sums it up.
  • not very good
  • nothing special
  • Potentially a good option!
  • Responsive option to the cultural and environmental issues
  • Safe but fairly conservative design. Could use some more innovation though.
  • so boring
  • Specifically addressing the latest issues on conservation and sustainability, nice possibility.
  • terrible
  • Thanks for this creative and good feasible design! 5 stars! *****
  • Their "3F principle: - functionality, flexibility and feasibility- and suggests the government retain Queen's Pier at its original site and redefine it as an amenity of an "inner harbour.The design includes a boardwalk from teh Exhibition and Convention C
  • this is good because the buildings in front are shorter
  • Very gppd! Not only cultural conservation but also environmental conservation, good option for the Collective memory of the city!
  • Very nice site!
  • your design make me think you just regard Star and Queen's Piers. Mr. concern HK
  • 有綠化,但好像分開了三塊地方。
Team Description:
Email: cwhoa@netvigator.com
Phone: 25364077
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