名稱: New Central Waterfront of Hong Kong
號碼: 183
隊長: Kees Christiaanse
隊員: Kees Christiaanse, Benjamin Dillenburger, Alexander Lehnerer, Sandra Oppermann
國家: Netherlands
平均評分:  (3.3)
投票數量: 120
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  • As u say its just a boulevard, it looks Palm Beach.
  • Because there is a flower garden.
  • but Palm Beach doent have an elevated boardwalk - which is really urban! just like HK...
  • enough green space ( I like it!) too many piers!
  • good idea, not to many voice but good voices. I love palmeras. Besides a very goog concept those flotting islads
  • Great ald well thought-through innovative social-urban concept!!!
  • great metropolitan concept
  • hk is not an american "dreamtown". I dont agree with a palmbeach!
  • HK’s Central Park with an green space
  • I feel like I'm in California! Beach boys baby!
  • I like it because there is a fare.
  • I love it because you have lots of things to do there.
  • if the park pattern is really about the views its just perfect!
  • intriguing spatial experience (have a look at the booklet: the single spaces are very differently characterized)
  • It is probably right...;-/
  • Just a park that might not be welcomed by local people...
  • just perfect!!!
  • my favourite
  • nice design, well planned, it looks those canels settings at Armsterdam
  • no concept
  • no concept, everyone make view line, if you design a flat landscape like that, I believe, everywhere, every corner is a 360" view, does it count as a concept????
  • ordinary as unplanned city
  • ordinary.
  • Palm Beach? I love it!
  • preserving the important view axes - great proposal!
  • simple and clear concept! they always work best!
  • The presentation is very good.
  • too common
  • Too simple
  • too symwtrical lack flour
  • typical Holland boring landscape, this is not possible to happen in HK, too expansive, have you do site visit or a reseach about what is HK public space need?
  • very feasible and attractive project - fits very well to HK
  • very nice green open spaces. interesting iconic building "HK"
  • very typical Netherlands landscape design, big lawn, and little trees. ..but still it look good.
  • 北京橙风全力支持老鬼的设计,你是我们的骄傲!(23留)
  • 有大片草地,但與城市有互動
  • 綠化充足and空間寬闊
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