名稱: The Stage - Pattern of Coastline and Skyline
號碼: 185
公司/隊伍: PDW (Planning & Development Workshop)
隊長: Prasetyo Adi
隊員: N. M. Gito Wibowo, Dyah Fatma
國家: Indonesia
平均評分:  (3)
投票數量: 109
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  • Easy to forget
  • good
  • good job
  • Good looking
  • I like the idea "The place to See and be Seen". This is a good concept where people will have good connections.
  • it is pretty amazing to see how lame a design competition entry can go....
  • It's a nice concept
  • no exaggeration, highly applicable
  • no substance for criticism
  • not good enough
  • nothing special........
  • simple approach and simple design but strong statement
  • simply profiled.
  • Sorry, I agree with "to simple"
  • super super
  • The desige is too simple when compared with others.
  • the design is quite good and neat, with concepts of design implemented nicely. However, there are no interesting structures that act as icons of the area.
  • the idea of public space with rural context is quite unique, and I appreciate the approach
  • The night of the fight, you may feel a slight sting. That's pride f*cking with you. F*ck pride. Pride only hurts, it never helps. 253c71171fc407b16905a317ff96fc69
  • The simplicity of the design tells what the theme is all about, superb!
  • Very nice site!
網站: http://www.pdw-architects.com
電郵: tiyok@pdw-architects.com
地址: +62 21 75906177
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