Title: 9 strategies for a XXIst century Hong Kong Waterfront
Code #: 276
Firm/Team: aranea + subarquitectura
Team leader: Raffaele Puggioni
Team members: Marta Osma, Raffaele Puggioni, Marta Garcia, Francisco Leiva, Martin Lopez, Andres Silanes, Fernando Valderrama, Carlos Bañon, Paloma Ybarra
Country of origin: Spain
Average ranking:  (3.1)
Number of votes: 1418
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  • I'm another partec2ipant and onestly I think this project is very poetic an8d should be one of the selected for second sta8ge ! Bravo
  • un frente maritimo muy rico y divertido, enhorabuena
  • best sculpture worst urban design
  • A very strong project. People doesn't stop to talk about it. HongKong needs controversial proposals like this one
  • BEAUTY IS NOT NEGOCIABLE. A wonderful project.
  • ..................the PLA
  • (HK necesita un solución, no quiere mas problemas urbanos con planos sin pensamientos)
  • * *** ** * *** I'm another partecipant and I think that this project is a very.............yeah right
  • the PLA is missing. The PLA is coming to get you for disciplinary action!!!!!
  • Amazing this get 500 votes a day.>>>>>>>>>>stop clicking......_spend more tme designing please
  • ugly worm.....
  • introducing wild nature into the city, Great!!!
  • where is TAMAR?!!!!
  • * the PLA will have a word with you now
  • Excellent! congratulations!
  • this dragon beats all competitors!!
  • . . . I'm another partec2ipant and onestly I think this project is very beautiful as an idea for a smaller portion of the waterfront, not the whole waterfront
  • Dubai and many others are currently building many skyscrapers. Let's show them what hong kong can do. This will, in my opinion, be one of the best things that ever will happen to the hong kong victoria harbour.
  • I Love the Approach but the design is not appropriate at all
  • I think it looks like a worm rather than dragon....
  • NOT ONLY "ingenhoven architect audi showroom" BUT ALSO THE GYEONGGI-do JEONGOK PREHISTORY MUSEUM in SOUTH KOREA by NICOLAS DESMAZIERES in 2006 Intrenational Design Competition
  • please don't make the waterfront a very ugly snake
  • worm..........................very disgusting
  • ********TAMAR would also like to have a word with you
  • +get more than 100 votes within a hour
  • +well.....soon you get your FAKE 1000 votes
  • - ugly worm.. we are not doing F1 race track, ok? please go to macau
  • ..............................................simply the best
  • 9 elements, very interesting
  • 9 strategies to build a better tomorrow. Unforgettable, HK skyline with this waterfront iluminated remains on your mind for a long time. 5/5
  • a great dragon!
  • A wonderful project!!!
  • A worm, but seems to be very appreciated and popular among voting voices!
  • absolutly wonderful
  • Amazing!
  • An icon. Immediately recognizable as being HK (like the Opera theatre in Sydney or Lifetower in Paris)
  • An incredible BAD project
  • An Incredible Dragon! An Incredible Project! It´s the BEST, I´m Sure!!! Good Luck! Marky.
  • An incredible project, i have been looking all, and it's the best of all for my opinion. I hope it will win, this project can change the city.
  • An incredible worst project, 作者一定是拉肚子了 不然不会把肠子拿来做设计
  • An original idea for a new Hong Kong waterfront and a very impressive presentation.
  • And the powerful dragon came out from the ocean depths...
  • apart from dargon..can european come up something creative
  • BE WATER MY FRIEND, Bruce Lee (In Memorian)
  • Beautiful use of the water. Ecological and wild
  • best water proyect
  • best water with WORST project
  • But the Chinese Name is poor ..
  • COME ON SUB. Estais flipaos, pero el dragon mola.AGG
  • Congratulations! I like the interpretation of the commercial progams joined to the leisure program and to the sea on the promenade! good job!
  • contrast always can be a horrible extension of existing urban context, I hate it, it is a ugly alien to HK. THE WRONG POWERFULNESS is so much like HK.
  • contrast can be a unique extension of existing urban context, I like it, even it is so alien to HK. THE POWERFULNESS is so much like HK.
  • convertin the straight line into a long coast..... long means dragon in chinese. long long
  • creative!
  • direct interpretation, but one of the best projects, for sure
  • do you think the gov't would allow u to do so? where is Tamar?
  • Don´t let the dragon eat some beautiful ideas on this project. Returning water into a wild stage.
  • dragon shape multiplies the lenght of the waterline... intelligent proposal
  • dragon yang rain water
  • ecological 5/5
  • Ecological, unique.... a good one
  • enormous Chinese dragon
  • F1
  • Fantastic, magic
  • Formula 1 .... F1 Race... OMG
  • Full of charm. Charismatic waterline. HK DESERVES THIS.
  • funny concept... but it look like a snake...
  • god..........
  • good balance between water and landmass. scheme merge well with existing infrastructure of the waterfront and create pockets of space for events and recreation.
  • great and original project marvellous
  • Great concepts. But there is hardly any well-defined local contents - the dragon is only superficial.
  • Great design!
  • great for ugly!!
  • Great idea for unique landscape.
  • Great idea!
  • Great message, I like the spirit of the project. Reading through it, it seems quite original an taylor made for such a great city as Hong Kong.
  • Great understanding of a really complex problem and need of local identity, without question the most powerful and effective proposal. 5/5+++
  • Great WORM... 有大條屎蟲 香港唔要一條屎....
  • Great! But what about the view
  • great........................
  • Hong Kong Grand Prix once a year, and a wonderful waterfront promenade the rest of the year... maybe not such a bad idea... think about it...
  • hong kong wins with this harbor.
  • hong kong wins with this harbor? Hong Kong will be no future!
  • I can not find better simbol of might and strenght of China than mythical Dragon, moreover being so important part of Chinese culture. Wonderful and charming projetc.
  • i cant see the reclaimed lands...waste of money!!!!
  • I like it because it represents a dragon.
  • I like it!
  • I like it. It's very radical and innovative. But the design has overestimated the acceptability to innovative ideas of HK government.
  • I like the dragon-
  • I like the new hong kong beaches. Maybe a little repetitive. Beautiful section.
  • I like very much the texture of the materials and the idea is also great
  • i love this worm-snake-chicken-dragon
  • i would give this design a 1 for its blantant disregard to the project constraints and simply creating a ridiculous urban waterfront. but 2 because it's "bold".
  • I'd like to see your model in second stage
  • iconic recreation of water cycle
  • ingenhoven architect audi showroom
  • Innovating design, congratulation. Good luck.
  • Interesting and new. Easily recognizable.
  • introducing wild nature into the city, Great!!!
  • It appears to be more a heaven creation, than a men's work. There hasn't already been created words to explain such a wonderful like this.
  • It has a lagoon.
  • It is totally original. I have never seen anything like it.
  • it needs shelter if its rains and is slippery..
  • It's an innovative idea which gathers animal nature and modern architecture in the city
  • it's simple and almost stupid... but I think it's the best of this 82 ideas for HK's waterfront.
  • it,s probably the best one! a very solid proposal!!
  • its a piece of mess
  • its cool and sexy design
  • It’s really really COOL!
  • I´d like to know more about this project, 3 pictures are not enough. Interesting.
  • Just a huge race track.. boring
  • Kindergarden thinking process: Chia = Dragon, Hong Kong is in China, then Hong Kong waterfront should be like a dragon. How many years did you study to get this level of thinking?
  • Kindergarten work...
  • Like this exciting concept. Not sure about the scale. Good environmental/ecological thinking.
  • Love the use of greenery and reflect the city of Hong Kong
  • lovely images. however is this really going to a good experience for the public walking through with blocked views of the water front coupled with a lack of variety?
  • Magic and New HongKong WaterLine !!!
  • May be the best one....this is the way we should take
  • menuda patraña de proyecto
  • mountain and sea. I like the approach to nature within a city
  • next time.................this team will turn up with a chicken or phoneix...
  • Nice design. I like the idea about collecting water from the mountains.
  • Nice dragon, looks like a long bendy penis
  • nice idea
  • nice idea and good looking presentation; yet not so feasible. Water at those pockets will be DEADLY due to pollution. could you imagine that smell as you walk on the strip??
  • not again............is dragon and snake..........together..........wonderful ideas for chinese new year...........well done.......next time please come up with phoneix.........................
  • Ok. looks like a dragon from sky. But how many people are there really? Besides that , it does not have any interesting feature
  • powerful image of the waterfront...!
  • purely iconic, should it be in dubai or somewhere?
  • Really cool design. The dragon underlines Chinese tradition, but with a futuristic touch, and once illuminated at night, it makes even more impressive the view of the city's waterfront. I think thi design is the one that best catches the spirit of Hong Ko
  • Revise the curves. Wonderful picture
  • Simply wonderful the lighting and the design
  • skyscraper, earthscraper, seascraper....maybe it´s ok. too ambition?
  • smaller dragon, better chance built
  • SNAKE?
  • soon you get yuor 500 votes..........get more friends...
  • Spanish architects always on top. you meant Hong Kong architect is very stupid?
  • Spanish architects always on top.
  • Striking. Creates interaction with water as well as attractive facilities, but without being a tacky theme park. Could create long attractive waterfront walk. Keeps the are whole, without dissection by roads
  • the long and winding road, a good experience between the waters
  • The opera is the Head of the Dragon
  • The use of the dragon form to create series of lagoons makes it a very exciting scheme.
  • The water cycle system won't work if the system is connected to the harbour
  • THis city is nothing about a Chinese Junk and Dragon anymore. Please. Sick.
  • This compettion is about ideas, and like or not, this is an clear radical idea.
  • this is passion. Hong Kong needs something like this. It´s a great contrast mixing culture and desiging. Excellent
  • This is the kind of project who change a comoun past way of life into the proud image of human beans want to give from him interior future world, this is an great idea making reality in a Bigger Dream.
  • This project is good for Hong Kong identity
  • this projects is an anti pollution machine. this dragon is alive!.
  • ugly and naive
  • very beautiful
  • Very beautiful! it seems a snake! very impressive! Italian and spanish project are the best!
  • Very intelligent proposal.Great expectations about the future construction... Hong Kong skyline looks really suggesting!
  • Very nice site!
  • very stupid design
  • want to see it built!!!!!
  • We nedd icons in HK
  • well soon you get your 1000 votes
  • Wetland + Racetrack....Is it practical at all? Have you ever read the brief carefully? Hopeless....
  • Wildly inventive, great design...one of my 3 great candidates
  • Will be dead water. Boring repeat and repeat will not attract people's 'second visit'. No obvious link with existing cultural buildings. Not enough big areas for gathering.
  • winner idea
  • wonderful homage; "Enter the Dragon", Bruce Lee 1973
  • Wonderful identity. Good use of water. Open space.
  • Would you do such a silly reclaimation in Spain?
  • Yes!! it's a Winner
  • you hide the waterfront using a big worm. and what about the city center?? did you forget about it????
  • You must have designed this in the 'Golden Dragon Chinese Resturant' in Chinatown.
  • 你认为蛇或龙是不是在香港大受欢迎?
  • 北京橙风全力支持老鬼的设计,你是我们的骄傲!(23留)
  • 很有意思
  • 恭喜!我愛它!
  • 意念很好,但可行性低
  • 暴力
  • 為設計而設計,海水流動問題卻不管
  • 西班牙人自己投自己票 自己寫自己COMMENT 無聊
  • 這是最好的項目
  • 非常獨特,東方巨龍,奔騰
  • 龍的傳人
Team Description:
Website: www.myrAarquitectos.com + www.grupoaranea.net + www.subarquitectura.com
Email: raf.pug@terra.es
Phone: +34965921695 +34913194072
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