Title: Between Dichotomies
Code #: 092
Firm/Team: Design Evolution Architects Sdn Bhd
Team leader: Wan Sofiah Wan Ishak
Team members: Nik Ariff Azmee, Badrul Hisham, Sharul, Helmy, Azri
Country of origin: Malaysia
Average ranking:  (2.6)
Number of votes: 1196
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  • i can feel myself leaving HK with bad taste
  • it is not good looking at all...
  • a lovely design from malaysia
  • agree... i can feel like i've already there
  • architecture is about providing an environment for enjoyment & experience for the people which's been achieve with many diff spaces quality, that's a waterfront. it looks alright, it can work.
  • art pavillions in the park & on water , shopping park, sunken spaces, redwall backdrop.... definitely very sensuous experience. HK here i come...
  • Back to basics, something for the people. Is there not enough skyscrappers and complexity in HK already? A good change of pace. Refreshing
  • Beautiful site! [URL=][/URL] [URL=][/URL] buy [URL=]buy [/URL] buy [URL=]buy [/URL] [URL=][/URL]
  • bringing art to the people with linear art gallery & art pavillions, is a very noble idea. May encourage casual participations from public in lieu of the usual formal galleries
  • compact and sustainable
  • development for pedestrian not for motorist. I support mei!!
  • dont write chinese dude! let us all understand them_U.S.A this is pretty cool dude
  • ecosystems available available broader future
  • efficient...
  • Excellent concept...no need for skyscrapers,HK got plenty already.Creation of space has priority.Well done!!!!!!!!
  • Excellent site. It was pleasant to me. [URL=][/URL] [URL=][/URL] [URL=][/URL] [URL=][/URL] [URL=][/URL]
  • fundamental focus should be your planning vision
  • great contrast view!!
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  • Great! A good sustainable design which from the point of pedestrian!
  • I actually think this is pretty good-even though its another copy of parc la villette. (i guess columbia u. has had a profound impact on designers over the last decade) Pretty good execution. Nice little spaces. Low rises. Use of fabrics. I would enjoy s
  • I appreciate how you thought out the relationship of p1/p2 and the commercial area, but I really hate the red building form, I felt like it's not "HongKong".
  • I bookmarked this guestbook. Thank you for good job! [URL=][/URL] [URL=][/URL] [URL=][/URL] [URL=][/URL] [URL=][/URL]
  • i like the human aquarium... nice... =)
  • I like the idea, if increase more water element is better, such as free water pool! yeah
  • i like the red hot wall... brilliant idea to exaggerate commercial yet not compromising open & green space. The sparkling lantern look on red wall is very festive
  • I like the wall. The rest is just normal.
  • i saw zaha hadid painting in there... is it?
  • i see interactive spaces being created here. well done
  • i see nothing closely familiar yet nothing new. neat design anyhow
  • I want to say - thank you for this! [URL=][/URL] [URL=][/URL] buy [URL=]buy [/URL] [URL=][/URL] [URL=][/URL]
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  • i'm an art lover!! built more gallery!! yeah
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  • Incredible site! [URL=][/URL] [URL=][/URL] cheap [URL=]cheap [/URL] buy [URL=]buy [/URL] [URL=][/URL]
  • It embraces what general public demand from waterfront
  • it goes with what HK people like to do
  • It has a unique sense to it and looks like a very hip place for the people of our future. Thumbs up to it as I can see the future generations to come calling itb "their cool spot".
  • it is lack of interesting and surprising element
  • it's simplistic, perhaps too simple. a design not unique to HK.
  • its colourful and environmental and cool
  • its lovely......add some malaysian touch to it.
  • its simply gorgeous!
  • LIKE IT....LOVE IT!!!!!!!!
  • linear art gallery, art from the park, art from a boat ride...lots of layering of ideas. very delightful
  • lots of shopping convinent
  • love the problem solving.... a linear gallery is appropiate.... don't build skyscrapers pls....
  • more green for hongkong. but we need shed too
  • nice presentations!
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  • nice.
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  • shed for the park.... that brilliant!
  • Simple but good with a low-key identity, especially the red/wall. Pedestrian focus is good but ensure that it's wholistic. nadge
  • simplicity is always the best. Keep your simple. like this. HK should be happy
  • specific volcanic efforts atmospheric 2005 alternatives capacity
  • the art park is a very flattering gesture to HK waterfront especially in responding to the art centre on the othersde of water body i.e. in kowloon
  • the best concept i've seen so far. well done
  • The red ground scraper is to regular a design to work with such a bold colour. Why does the design cut off people from looking back into the city? Surely the design should allow people to understand the perspective of being on a urban waterfront.
  • The rendering on treatment of the commercial and retail areas is original
  • the title is not understandable
  • there are too many shopping mall!!!! no more, please!!!I just want a garden to have a fresh air! why there are so many construction?
  • There's no identity at all, it's a generic project!
  • urban park rawks
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  • Very nice site!
  • walk in the park.... gallery in the park.
  • we need commercials spaces to support the park development.
  • what is dichotomies? but i like this
  • wow!!
  • wow. i can feel myself being there already.
  • 仍然箱箱… …镗!
  • 北京橙风全力支持老鬼的设计,你是我们的骄傲!(23留)
Team Description:
Email: designevolve@gmail.com
Phone: +60320925692
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