Title: Indigenous Urbanism
Code #: 107
Firm/Team: ThreeE
Team leader: Alex, Kong
Team members: Tat, Lam; Phyllis Wai-yin, Leung
Country of origin: U.S.A.
Average ranking:  (3)
Number of votes: 466
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  • nothing except the yellow
  • !!!This group against the principle !! they mentioned their team/office name there!!!
  • !!Group nr.107 went to again the principle !! they mentioned their team/office name there!!!
  • +is this your first time...........you are doing competition.........putting your name on drawings........grew up please
  • - I suggest to kick off this group, they put their team/firm name on it! It's not fair for other groups ~~!
  • -香港制造芒果嗎? 還有跟本沒有香港元素和.. 很俗
  • althought I am not an architect, this design seems to be more feasible and will fit in the existing backdrop.
  • amazed by your in-depth research project, i am more excited by your research than your design execution, question is the concentrated artificiality of the urban typologies will really benefit as a waterfront specfic project ?
  • I like the mixed-use idea in this scheme
  • it doesn't work in hk
  • it is too hard to be understood for public
  • it's too bad some just leave unpleasant remarks without giving justification or even trying to explore / try to appreciate. you're designs good.
  • love your methodology
  • made in hk? which part of the design shows a hk character?
  • Man, your title Indigenous Urbanism but your design presents different to your title. keep going . good title,From Mr. Concern Hong Kong
  • mediocre
  • nice outlook but empty design...
  • no meaning scheme
  • research clearly overweight your project, trying too hard to put together a design proposal at the end? mature research and potential room for better design
  • Rock and roll!
  • school level
  • seems like there can lots of potential in this design
  • The design reinforces and sustains the existing infrastructural urbanism of Hong Kong, while it takes into account the existing urban fabrics and ultimately brings out the indigenity of Hong Kong urbanism. The waterfront in this scheme is not merely bei
  • the tunnel museum is something we don't yet have in hk.
  • there is a lot of research been done for this scheme, the concept is really well supported.
  • this scheme rocks!
  • very yellow
  • yellow is only a colour to represent, of course it won't be built yellow!....i guess..i like it, it can distinguish the existing and the potential of hong kong waterfront
  • You seem to have spent more time modelling the cityscape background than the actual submissions
  • 香港不要變成香蕉好不好 and where is your approach?
Team Description:
Email: alexkong168@gmail.com
Phone: 1-434-227-2051
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