名稱: 香港维多利亚港沿海滨江地段
號碼: 156
隊員: VALENZUELA-PARAVIC Oscar, THOUEMENT Regis,Architects and Urban Designers. Thanks to : Esther, Katia, Julie, Claire, Liu Bo, Anna, Cyril, Alexandre, Jonathan, Ning Ning and Tatiana
國家: China
平均評分:  (2.5)
投票數量: 567
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  • good luck to the ppl of hk....china take over your taste too!!!
  • clear and effient, cool
  • # mazing!!! A design that can fulfill the expectation the majority of HK ppl's need Awesome proposal, well thought out and innovative. Definitely a landmark for generations.
  • A strong design, really makes me wanna go there for a roll, to feel it ! congratulations!
  • A very performing desing. innovator project, a modern vision of a city. Congratulation!
  • Amazing site. Thanks, webmaster.
  • Ambitious, though a wind deflector off the harbour would require free public noseplugs.
  • bad vision. dont like it
  • beautiful and calming
  • beautifull
  • best
  • boring
  • bu, dont like it, borring
  • Clearly displayed hardware, but very difficult to imagine as there are no visuals illustrating use and activity. With proper programming and street scape this could be a fantastic proposal-
  • dont like it. and th e orange annoys me..
  • dvqosimw ceguixaw gvtkiasej gvqyda bmlecjva ejzrahcg eymixu
  • excelent, great!!!!!!!
  • For HK it would be not enough!
  • For my part i think it's the best project because it's correspond very well to our city.I find great the idea of "expansion of the city".The architects had understood how to buil here.
  • for this stage is very clear, i hope you will develop more any concpts in next stage
  • i dont like the small port. it doesnt fit there with its clumsy lines.
  • I like the clear presentation
  • i see straight lines only
  • I specialy like the way of connecting human activities in the city , in a modern lifestyle.....my heart leapt in front of the bamboo! good idea!
  • In my opinion, this project is really homogenous with this landscape: It's soft and sophisticated at the same time. congratulations to the architects ! I hope that you'll suceed !
  • it appears me like a connecting and attractive place i agree!
  • lack of complexity
  • lots of idears, i like them
  • modern and impessive,
  • nice project, interesting concept.
  • nothing interesting
  • public space = full place
  • something innovative? no way!
  • That's a good project for Hong-Kong, really beautiful
  • the best
  • this elegant and currrent project provides interesting urban spatial rhythm. full of modern ideas; appropriate activities. very nice!
  • to lot of straigh lines - it makes it boring. And where is the accent?Where is the motive? - I dont like it :/
  • ugly
  • Very clear and modern designed plan. Beautiful drawings
  • Very nice site!
  • very very beautiful !
  • what an apt concept! cool look, simple lines....noticeable .
電郵: atelier@cnbltd.com.cn
地址: (+86)2163555282
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