Title: Harbor Pier
Code #: 314
Firm/Team: Eight Inc.
Team leader: Tim Kobe
Team members: Mark Little, Erik West, Jil Kobe, William Paluch, Paolo Polledri, Bundit Kanisthakho, Kirk Malanchuk, Niels Paulus, Masami Suzuki, Paonsiri Yuvaves
Country of origin: U.S.A.
Average ranking:  (3.4)
Number of votes: 106
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Masterplan inspiration - ID 314 (2.6MB)
  • all I can say is WOW.
  • all other projects so messy this one nice and simple.
  • all that "shacks" in the middle of the harbor is distracting...i wouldn't want to look out on that.
  • An idea of circulation between existing and extention was nice.
  • Borring.. Nothing new. I cant see the idea!
  • but where is the desing??
  • Engages land as well as water
  • excellent design
  • I like the floating bridge.
  • I love the idea of drawing the city out into the water.
  • i love this idea, it looks so inviting and welcoming, especially if arriving to Hong Kong via water.
  • impractical
  • It seems like for many designers, architecture is equivalent to skyscrapers and big, empty plans. Wake up!
  • look like old hong kong. before the war. many people die.
  • never for hk
  • Nothing Special. Can't see any impression feeling.
  • remind me of fishing village before war. so many people die.
  • this brings back the memory of the old HK....... GREAT! but the relationship between the pier and bay is weak
  • thoughtful and respective to the Hong Kong Harbour environment
  • very humble and a great use of water, land and water edge. this scheme will bring back the old life of hong kong. busy storefront, floating market, food boats, ... and reflect new city life like cafe, gallery and new technology hub. it's like a marriag
  • what is this? Do you call it project?
Team Description:
Website: www.eightinc.com
Email: kobe@eightinc.com
Phone: 415-434-8462
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