號碼: 203
公司/隊伍: The SWA Group
隊長: Peiwen Yu
隊員: Alex Song
國家: U.S.A.
平均評分:  (1.9)
投票數量: 392
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  • - 80's waterfront style... old style ... boring
  • -老套的美式傳統規劃 完全沒創意
  • = chicago waterfront!! give me some hk charactors, ok?
  • A CHILLIG EMBRACE.....Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  • A little concentional.... but this proposal took the design charge seriously! Straightforward... but GOOD URBAN DESIGN
  • a systematic and practical urban design, may lead a successful implementation
  • do we need a copy of chicago waterfront??
  • I like the overall concept envisaged in the planning: 1) waterfront retail 2) protected water 3) water night life 4) canal promenade
  • i really think this design does a great job of utilizing the waters edge.
  • Interesting option of landscaped lagoons and retention of Queen’s Pier Reduced version of P2 No improvement on reclamation extent
  • methodology is different from many other designs... lay a groundwork and wait for the architecture to happen? frame work was practical, need "fancy" stuff to happen on top...
  • oh american waterfront..................
  • The contrast of "open" and "compression" of each part provides interesting urban spatial rhythm. liked the theme of each district
  • The Inner Harbour has taken out key areas for civic activities and pedestrian circulation. HK is not Venice. The "curve/crescent" looks arbitrary. How does it relate to HK and central context/history? The green areas could be better designed. Are they
  • the only scheme that respect all competition rules
  • The Reserved Military Pathway is way too prominent to make any real sense. The whole design should be for the people. Not reserved for the military.
  • the tree towers are impossible to be built and will block the original building skyline
  • This design is the best by far!!!!!
  • this exciting concept will bring vibrancy and vitality to the harbour and will bring tourist in HK
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  • too conventional design
  • ugly thing...
  • ultra precise, ultra conventional
  • um... a "easy to read" plan... this design seemed to treat the problem as a real project without too much "out of the box thinking", no individual architectures stand out... but on the other hand seemed to have more thinking on the urban land plan, very s
  • urban design like for a small town, not a big city.
  • Very clear diagram, good approach of the overall layout, in particular the water park area
  • Very nice site!
  • xpvego ujtozy qaskougv inox uqpry akjmdwye pgkvdbru
  • 一看就知道是美国的方案.. 不要再拷贝老美的城市了 不然这将会变成新芝加哥而不是中国香港
  • 北京橙风全力支持老鬼的设计,你是我们的骄傲!(23留)
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