名稱: 綠裏
號碼: 138
公司/隊伍: 北京墨臣建築設計事務所(MoChen Architects & Engineers)
隊長: 赖军(Lai Jun)
隊員: 賴軍(Lai Jun)楊天羿(Yang Tianyi) 李昂(Li Ang) 趙暉(Zhao Hui) 高楊(Gao Yang) 魏峰(Wei Feng) 姜甯(Jiang Xiao) 常闊(Chang Kuo) 王振宇(Wang Zhenyu) 鐘木根(Zhong Mugen) 鐘有根(Zhong Yougen) 鐘林川(Zhong Linchuan) 盛彥(Sheng Yan) 周婭(Zhou Ya)
國家: China
平均評分:  (3.3)
投票數量: 2317
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Gree Mile (56MB)
  • Too much work for gardeners !!!!
  • secret party strategy make HK spend money mowing. China enjoy garden
  • there is nothing special about the design
  • china will dominate
  • it is so ugly!
  • ....no chance for economic return...HK waste money. Lose to China. Best strategy by PLA
  • 18 hole golf course
  • all green ONLY??
  • better than others...
  • good job for the pdf
  • Good name
  • Good!
  • Green escape!
  • Green Mile maybe OK for China but certainly not for Central Hong Kong
  • greenery is not urban design
  • I do not understand the composition, only is the feeling looks verycomfortably.
  • I dont know why quality of greenery is always evaluated by size?
  • I like . More green space for people ,for HK .
  • i thk this is a great idea for the people who live at hk,and the name of the project can give us more space to image,but it's only a little space for the army of china perhaps,haha...
  • it is a multi-level golf course!!!
  • it is so wonderful
  • it's basically all green space, not much design at all
  • it's the best one! Support!
  • It’s good to see someone put so much thought into what HK people want!
  • Just plant trees everywhere
  • mainland concept
  • nice
  • nice presentation but too OMA . The design is not responsed to the anaylsis, actually, ugly in architectural aesthetic.
  • nice..............but nice, nothing else
  • not so bad...
  • not the best i've seen...
  • Not very Creatively but is a perfect solution for Central Waterfornt
  • Old-fashion project.
  • only greenery....Where is the rest part of project?
  • Open space – good range of wiser proposed
  • PDF Very Nice
  • PDF very nice
  • research process is comprehensive and highly appreciated, but hardly lead me to understand your design process n execution, a bit detach between the two......you nd better design to wrap up your story..anyway..gd job
  • self voting is a crime !
  • the designers really neglect the site context....... that kind of design should be for parkland......not in HK, such a prime location of the city
  • this is waterfornt design. not wet land / parkland design. from Mr. concern HK
  • Undergound? It´s better show things than hide them
  • Very nice but where is the project ?
  • well.........another mainland concpet.......................get educated
  • Why not? Quite nice proposal
  • wonderful
  • Worth thinking questions. Good underground utilization idea. Highlighted HK's values. But huge investment.
  • 值得我们学习!
  • 北京橙风全力支持老鬼的设计,你是我们的骄傲!(23留)
  • 图纸表达方式过于专业化,会让非专业的市民看不明白,但欣赏你们的绿色理想主义,这是一个非实际的竞赛。
  • 夜景的那张太美了
  • 寧靜安逸 與世無爭
  • 很不错
  • 很不错,看到了香港美丽的港湾,美好的生活环境。
  • 挺好
  • 文化、藝術、商業、旅遊、交通 ......?
  • 文化綠洲很獨特
  • 生态城市
  • 真棒
  • 过于平凡,从形式到内容,没有独创地创造性的解决问题的地方。
  • 非常非常棒
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