Title: The Grand Promenade
Code #: 247
Firm/Team: RTKL/Yager, Gregory
Team leader: Yager, Gregory
Team members: Chinyao Chen,Sujata Govada, Dick Grove, Elizabeth Lo
Country of origin: Shanghai
Average ranking:  (1.9)
Number of votes: 5568
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More documentation:

HK200706_A4_SMALL_BOOKLET.pdf (12MB)
  • Typical Mainland Chinese Commercial Masterplan
  • concurso mediocre
  • 香港五十年不變 不要變成深圳...
  • shanghai on top HK down by shanghai
  • a very poor design without any imagination
  • nice watercolor presentation, mediocre concept
  • ! it's so boring... I think HK government will design better than yours
  • "Serious" at the expense of also being Staid, Uptight and Constipated. Such conservatism from such young people needs a colon cleansing. Change your diet. Appropriate for New York in 1945. Welcome to the so-called "new" China, in beautifully seductive
  • 241, YOU ARE A FAMOUS LICK BOTTOM - 你是一個舔底部
  • = Boring simple Mainland Chinese masterplan
  • a design for human beings!
  • a senitive design the environmental setting...
  • A simple approach but powerful statement.
  • A successful urban design like this is not only about landscape but also mixed-use and self-supported financially.
  • A very old fashon presentation and idea but why not in HK?
  • A very serious plan.
  • actually i can't see the great different with the Hong kong nowadays. However, there are some design which is very useful.
  • Agree! It will fail if the future most valuable land in HK is covered by green without mixed-use functions. Vast green is not human-scaled.
  • beautiful artwork and design, congratualtions! from 241
  • boring
  • Classic, open spaces
  • DesigningHongKong与發展商黑商作業,全港市民被戲弄 FUCK YOU.小你老母. 全港市民上
  • DesigningHongKong与發展商黑商作業,全港市民被戲弄
  • ding
  • fanastic scheme
  • good painting picture and ideas
  • green, meeting places
  • HOnestly, i can't see where your design point is?
  • human scaled, well-integrated, highly active urban network. No concept is the best concept--maximizing the variety & vitality. Design for the people.
  • I agree... mainland chinese style no special charactor...
  • I can't see any different to the government proposal! that's really nothing here
  • I feel sombody is string pulling for you! I FEEL SOMBODY IS STRING PULLIG FOR YOU! ;)))
  • I like the green space incoporated into the design. Great place to go with the kids.
  • i like the painting, but not the design
  • i like this watercolor drawing
  • i like your watercolor painting.
  • I love the new location of the Star Ferry Clock Tower as a gateway to an inner harbour that manages to save Queens Pier and embraces an important historic heritage for us. Every other scheme is like a tabula rasa
  • i think we should to encourage to all architects and urban planner specially our young generation... green_me
  • im sorry but i dont see the significance of your design
  • Image is important, but this scheme seems to think in a different way.
  • It is so great to see a mixed use urban development versus the countless schemes I have seen that continually show our waterfront as a unusable large open green space
  • It provides a more responsive design to the local needs among the final entries
  • Langweilig
  • Like the inner lagoon. Once again much depends on execution.
  • Looking like a living waterfront. Buildings need to be improved.
  • lots of writing,but where's the design?go a little bit detail, please...not good.
  • make HK like Shanghai ?
  • Making Shanghai like HKG, or HKG or Shanghai?
  • many gardens...but no concept
  • nice painting but no ideas ;-/
  • nice watercolour
  • No "grand promenade" please.
  • no concept...very commerical feeling...so which developer company
  • Of the businessman, by the businessman, for the businessman. Screw everybody else, including the businesswoman.
  • open space
  • painting the city with many colors. Really disturbing...
  • Please, desapear! Your submission is among the worst !
  • Purely architectural dominated urban formation...I can't see there's much connection with the Harbour indeed. I'd rather work more on the concept than the painting, though looks nice...
  • Recognizes important linkages into our city and embraces them along the waterfront. Very sensitive and I believe makes the right gestures that the government misses upon in many ways.
  • Richness for the project only grew after I looked at the pdf booklet. Lot of thought and sensitivity, unlike a lot of the one liners I saw in many other schemes. I hope it can get developed even further
  • serious capitalism commercial boring project
  • serious planning, rare scheme not ust silly obsession about vast green
  • shang hai is not a city in CHINA ? like TW ??
  • the building are tall
  • The elevated pedestrian with bus terminal at grade is a good solution to a transportation void in open space.
  • the only outstanding is the existing. nice painting!
  • The promenade will be a dead space, an even bigger dead space than the TST promenade dead space. 'To create a landmark waterfront experience' - pray tell what is that 'experience'...???
  • The site looks comprehensive and integrated, while it is divided as some development parcles which can be controlled pragmatically.
  • the urban design brings no solutions for the city center.
  • This scheme gets it right in realizing that there needs to be activity along the waterfront from an urban sense, unlike the countless and superficial landscape schemes dominating the entries
  • Totally UNDER-whelmed.
  • Typical Mainland Chinese Commercial Masterplan Style OMG
  • very boring !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Very clear analysis, could have some zoom in perspective.
  • very dry ...design no big concept
  • very dry mainland chinese american design
  • very good landuse
  • Very nice work with the painted poster!
  • very thoughtful scheme, i like...
  • well...........................why don't we use the previous scheme.............much better
  • What is "sexuality"? For a woman, as for a man, sexuality encompasses a very broad range of physical activities and psychological experiences. These activities fulfill an important physical and emotional need for closeness and intimacy. Sexuality doesn't include just your sexual practices. Your feelings about yourself, how you relate to others, and about sex and previous sexual experiences are part of your sexual makeup. Your feelings about your partner and your relationship definitely affect yo
  • Why does this scheme drip and ooze wirh nostalgia? HK is not this way.
  • Wonderful perspectives! Just tell the fancinating charm of HK.
  • Wow, i love the relationship that the design is starting to develop with the Wanchai side of the waterfront. I really hope this scheme can be developed further.
  • _well................soon you get your 1000 votesssssssss
  • __________Ding Ding Ding.>>>>>>>>>Typical mainland style With american computer touch up>>>>>>>Old fashion>>>>>>>>> I prefer the old one
  • 北京橙风全力支持老鬼的设计,你是我们的骄傲!(23留)
  • 幅水彩畫好靚…
  • 很普通 没创意的 老派设计院 方案
  • 最無創意大陸設計... 水彩not bad
  • 这个非常好:)
  • 香港五十年不變 不要變成深圳...
Team Description:
Website: RTKL/Urban Design &Planning Consultants Ltd.
Email: RTKL/gyager@rtkl.com
Phone: RTKL/862161227922
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