Title: Revitalizing Our Port
Code #: 307
Firm/Team: Studio One Design Limited
Team leader: Lin Kwok Sang, Bobby
Team members: Yim Shun Sze, Alice ... Lee Hong Lam, Frankie ... Chu Man Tik, Andy ... Law Hoi Ying ... Lo Kim Hing
Country of origin: HK
Average ranking:  (3.2)
Number of votes: 1872
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Our Victoria Harbour (3.2MB)
  • -it's really NO DESIGN without the ship...
  • -Jesus.~
  • A... everybody, pls vote 1 for the cheater!!
  • an affinity to water is a good attempt, but wrong solution for public realm
  • are we all blind....Stop click
  • boring
  • bring back the old boating culture, an alternative method to the conjested streets and an easy escape from the hectic city. Water taxies seem the anwser to this problem, solar powered boats and electric are all viable options.
  • Creative Port....
  • easy and commercial, that's what you want for your port??
  • Excellent
  • excellent & creative design !
  • excellent@!!!!I love it
  • great
  • great master presentation, good idea in government building allocation, but the landscape however is a bit saperated.
  • I like the structures on the piers and over the bus terminals.
  • i wanna go... out of this port!
  • Inso far as linking water and maritime activities is concerned, it's a good try. Keep it up!
  • is fanastic approach......................for developer
  • Is that a big drainage at the middle?
  • Is there any water taxis?
  • low building, green
  • Need to bring local water transportation
  • Nice and Creative Design
  • no design
  • no vision
  • Not quite understand the crude design.
  • O ym Budda~ What scheme is that? A Water Taxi Scheme? Is your team going to drive them?
  • OK Enough!
  • Open military berth
  • overall ...ugly
  • So boring!!!!
  • tell the truth, you are a taxi driver and you are trying to make your business bigger!!
  • too funny are u joke?
  • Transportation and security of Goverment building shall be considered
  • very bad design
  • very boring
  • Very crude. There are not much activities, except for a big dock. Are we going back to 1850s?
  • Very nice site!
  • What happened to the winning Tamar proposed development? Intent was good but lacked adherence to already settled design issues of areas adjacent to and under the site concerened.
  • what on earth is this????????
  • Why great greenery has always to be big?
  • why we need so many port? for the yacht?? that's really horrible
  • wow~! SO bad~!
  • Yes, why stop at the waterfront. We should nevert treat our harbour as water front. Victoria Harbour should continuous be our Port.
  • _well.............soon you get your 1500 votes............well done
  • 北京橙风全力支持老鬼的设计,你是我们的骄傲!(23留)
  • 從你踏上最高票數與分數那一刻,我已經發現網上投票再沒有公信力,這機制的意義何在?
Team Description:
Email: alicey@sodl.hk
Phone: (852) 3118 9238
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