Title: Harbour Eye
Code #: 004
Firm/Team: Sang Dae Lee
Team leader: Sang Dae Lee
Team members: Cheng-I Lin, Joe Ho
Country of origin: U.S.A.
Average ranking:  (3)
Number of votes: 55
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  • are you guys crazy? this insect thing is ugly!
  • Are you guys working with P+W? The big volume was in another project...
  • Good idea
  • HK eyesore............ looks like another HKCEC
  • How many does the world have? London, Kaoshing ... and now HKG?
  • I like this insect/shell thing, but not the flying roads/cross walks all over the place.
  • interesting landscape and planning
  • interesting object!
  • Looks like a giant bug
  • nice hand
  • nice simple form which allow building behind to enjoying great views
  • nice work
  • The provision of places for cultural and recreational facilities to the public is appreciated. But the weaving design is too complicated and not suitable for harbourfront design.
  • the sketch seems not so serious, the 3d is not so bad
  • Well layed-out
Team Description:
Email: sangdaelee@gmail.com
Phone: 1.626.354.4789
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