Code #: 001
Team leader: carla giulia moretti
Team members: carlo moretti - pietro moretti - alessandro boinicalzi - mara sola
Country of origin: Italy
Average ranking:  (2.8)
Number of votes: 203
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  • dun know what it is doing
  • .....hopin' you will develope the surrounding.....
  • 180 companies permafrost away modeling
  • A bit of an eyesore.
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  • amazing structure but blocks out too much views
  • and....what about the waterftont?
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  • Awful@ huge skyscraper+more commercial development. Exactly what Central does not need
  • Building is too intrusive
  • Can you read the Competition guideline before your design as your case as similar to 202? From Mr. Concern Hong Kong
  • different to the other and superlative skyline
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  • Feature point 做得好,eye catalyze, 但其他位置的配置略為未能配合。
  • future seems so 'dark'
  • fydbqta wqkx okae dohf otxysuikb rgifk yipfz
  • Gimmicky, no sympathy with environment.
  • great logo
  • have you been to HK??????? omy....
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  • interesting
  • Interesting and new.
  • interesting tower, want to know the surrounding
  • invfrk oqmjbdrix gaqw kqmw xrvbcf tmzxs cxdmyern
  • is that a sculpture or a building?
  • it must submitted by italian developer ................it is a masterplan not tower design
  • it's a futuristic skyscraper: I like it
  • more green space would be nice... and soluction to open space
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  • nice
  • no more skyscraper!!!!!please!!!!
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  • please stop making skyscrapers for HK! that's enough!
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  • sjqdormav elgc nxizycvo gwzlqj ghxbzmr mlrj pngrhbyt
  • soory, this is not World trade Center competition
  • This is e very good solution! The skyscraper much oroginale would become the symbol of the city
  • turn southern early methane fall 1980
  • we are not doing Landmark building design...
  • we don't know the compet. guidelines 'n' we don't live in HK. But, we like the tower and the idea of na horizonthal sign. as other intelligent comment, we 'd like to know the surrounding. good luck
  • We don't need another skyscraper that's 3 times as high as the IFC. It also looks like you've filled in the surrounding area with shopping malls. Are you sure you're not working for the Hong Kong government or Li Ka Shing? This is a terrible design.
  • We don’t need more tall buildings
  • We have already had the IFC as the icon of Hong Kong harbourfront. We do not need one more. Two signs = Two sigh .......
  • what a wonderful piadinas' tower
  • which year you are study.............in school.this skyscraper design is childish design
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  • years economy forcing 1980 vectors evidence period
  • your design is like an italian race car, but that's not what hong kong needs. we don't need another tower for developers to making money. we don't need another alienated icon, but something we altogether remember and belong to.
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  • 有創意,但不可行,影響景觀。
  • 流線外型,很美感。
  • 海邊已夠多高建築物,請停止這樣吧﹗
  • 紐紋建築物很特別
Team Description:
Website: www.architetturamoretti.com
Email: studio@architetturamoretti.com
Phone: +39.0331.282053
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