Code #: 288
Firm/Team: AXI.LAB
Team leader: Joseph Di Pasquale
Team members: Joseph di Pasquale, Alessandro Tonassi
Country of origin: Italy
Average ranking:  (3.2)
Number of votes: 3642
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  • I think that is quite innovative as a proposal. I like it !
  • I'm another partecipant and I think that this project is a very surprising and original idea. Should be one of the selected for next stage |
  • Impressive and utopistic. One of the most interesting !
  • Nice magic atmposphere. Something really new. The most shocking proposal. Well done
  • this is not hong kong!!!!!!!!!!!
  • VERY VERY HORRIBLE and POOR and UGLY and BORING... just do s
  • I'm another partecipant and I think that this project is a very poor and stupid idea. Should be the first one to
  • * so poor and should be the first one to be kicked off
  • ....................... this is a VERY PROFESSIONAL COMPETITION. Nice job Mr. Design HK!!!
  • ..cool presentation of a very unrealistic idea. good luck
  • *Caterpillars do not help hk and distory the existing enviornment!!! very bad project
  • It is not going to work in reality!
  • this is a VERY PROFESSIONAL COMPETITION. Nice job Mr. Design HK!!!
  • .................................................................................I'm another partecipant and I think that this project is a very ............................yeah right!
  • this was the worst organized competition..they selected really bad projects...not like this one
  • *Caterpillars do not help hk and distory the existing enviornment!!!
  • * 醜陋的毛毛虫設計完完全全破壞了香港的環境
  • I'm another partecipant and I think ...........yeah right!
  • VERY POOR and UGLY and BORING... just do something you want, NOT MATCT HK environment, NO respect existing content
  • u are narrowing our harbour to an extent that the victoria harbour is no longer a harbour anymore
  • More than 1000votes in a day............well.........you must be busy clicking
  • more than 200 votes a day.....so fake
  • good idea. one of the best project.
  • very terrible and ugly idea.... i agree with like caterpillars. :D and not match hk content
  • A lagoon is a very original idea and makes the waterfront unespected and surprising !! Bravo !
  • May be utopistic, but it's definitely the most original idea for a waterfront I ever seen !
  • a very intersting project ! Strong shape willing. Definetely outstanding design. I like it !
  • horrible student things... never think about what is hong kong
  • I'm not architect then can't say if this is the best project, but i'm sure that it's different from all others !
  • it is exceeding the reclamation limit so much, making our harbour very very narrow, which hk people treasure a lot...
  • it is so ugly....what a pity...
  • Joy and fantasy in this project. I like the promenade on the floating pedestrian connection ! It should be very exiting to walk on it !
  • * * * 嘔~~! 最怕虫
  • -good idea to transfer daily life onto the lagoon to give different and more natural view of citylife -game of views
  • = Caterpillars = very ugly
  • =毛毛蟲 好醜好醜好醜的毛毛蟲 = UGLY CATERPILLARs =畫蛇添虫 =破壞維港 =breaking the beatiful harbour by these ugly items
  • =毛毛蟲 好醜好醜的毛毛蟲 = UGLY CATERPILLARs =畫蛇添虫 =破壞維港 =breaking the beatiful harbour by these ugly items
  • =毛毛蟲 好醜的毛毛蟲 = UGLY CATERPILLARs =畫蛇添虫 =破壞維港 =breaking the beatiful harbour by these ugly items
  • =毛毛蟲 非常醜的毛毛蟲 = UGLY CATERPILLARs =畫蛇添虫 =破壞維港 =breaking the beatiful harbour by these ugly items
  • =毛毛蟲 非常非常醜的毛毛蟲 = UGLY CATERPILLARs =畫蛇添虫 =破壞維港 =breaking the beatiful harbour by these ugly items
  • a bit to much i think...
  • a strong CATERPILLERs ~ and the model is ugly
  • a strong concept~ and the model is great~
  • a very impressive project! I love it because is like a playfull dream.
  • A very interesting project that shows how an important theme like "Waterfront" can be solved with intelligence and creative ideas!
  • a very intersting JOKE IT's a joke totally rubbish
  • a very intersting toys! Strong shape losing. Definetely outstanding caterpillars. I hate it so much!
  • A very nice idea : 1
  • A very nice idea RUBBISH WASHING MY TIME
  • A very nice idea. It's sad that some people leave sarcastic and useless comments with no relationship with the actual project contents...
  • Aaaaa, I understand now! Ying-Yang. What a creative idea!
  • AAA_ beatiful!
  • AAA_ UGLY! just do something ugly and non-reasonable
  • An interesting idea that seems in touch with the notion of a 'harbour'. I like the fact that it is not soley based on commerce.
  • an interesting project
  • anyway.............student level............where is the masterpieces of architecture
  • Artistic presentation
  • Awesome concept. I don't understand the critiques about what the local residents want... The project is both visually cool and very friendly to the residents' everyday needs.
  • back to school
  • Bad dream if realised!
  • bad presentation
  • Bad project for conservative people. Exellent project for people who don't fear about innovation and new crazy ideas.
  • beatiful beatiful beatiful
  • beatiful!
  • beatiful! ?????? no idea, no beauty, no creatieve!!!
  • BEATIFUL!!!!!!!!!
  • Beautiful, just beautiful.
  • Better avoid reclaimation. Not attractive water because of rectangular 'lakes'. Good 'Walk-by-the-sea',but avoid 'Walk-by-the-pierS'.
  • Boring
  • Bravo! Bravo!Bravo! for this red autumnal color
  • Can people voting here on sites stop with that awful irony? People of HK!: If You don't like so much other countries why You didn't do the local competition instead of international?!
  • CATERPILLARs Horrible!!
  • Caterpillars = design??
  • cool design
  • Costner's Waterworld replay w/ global warming and rise of water level. The dike and piers will disappear. All central people will "swim" or use a "beat-up" Mariner.
  • destroying the waterfront!
  • disqualifyied design
  • DO NOT PLAY the VOTE please.... stupid Italian
  • DO NOZ ?? Italians are not stupid and who insults nationalities is a very sad person because racism is always sade.
  • Do you know the distant between Hong Kong island and Kowloon ? worst idea
  • DON'T PLAY the VOTE please, Italy things
  • Don't vote for yourself !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • DZ ???? Italians are not stupid and who insults nationalities is a very sad person because racism is always sade.
  • Excellent solution (not) to all the floating rubbish in the harbour - this design will concentrate it in the lagoons like a fish trap! Yecchh !
  • extremely good!
  • Fantastic that buildings rising from the water ! I do like to have an apartment there !
  • for me this project is an enormous crazy sheet
  • genius!
  • good idea as a MOST UGLY project.
  • good idea to waste our time. one of the WROST project.
  • good job
  • good luck JDP !!
  • Great concept, good presentation, shit design....It's too out of human scale.
  • Great design on the drawing board! But think of the practicability of realization - digging out the lagoons and maintaining them would a king size problem.
  • great project as a diagram
  • Great project. Those who make silly comments about caterpillars or requirements should check if they know what they are talking about first...
  • haha it's two caterpillars there project=joke?!
  • Hey, pls dun vote too much for yourself.
  • HK Waterworld 2050? Original version starring Kevin Costner - VCD costs only HK$19. Note role plays like "smokemen" (robbers) and water skiing actions.
  • hmm
  • I dont like the presentation. Not my colours...
  • I like it very very much. if this project was realised, going to Hong Kong would be like living in a fantascientific movie!
  • I like the fettuccine idea!! Genius!
  • I really appreciate the whole idea:very different from all the others. It's well studied with a deep thought behind. Eye-catching presented, it would give to the city a very futuristic imprinting. Excellent!
  • I think that this project is very original and good. If someone thinks different maybe he isn't a good designer!
  • I'm another partecipant and I think that this project is a very poor and stupid idea. Should be the first one to be kicked off ~`|
  • Impressive NO CONTENTs design very bad
  • Impressive ugly and utopistic hell. nr1 of the most boring !
  • Irresistible! The path is harmonious and well integrated with the urban context. Thumbs up!
  • It will be a dream to have this project in our harboor. But I don't trust that such unusual idea can be accepted. I hope I'm wrong !
  • it's fantastic!
  • It's just a terrible things...
  • It's simple, natural but wonderful! I imagine the atmosphera in the night! Very good job!
  • Italians do it better
  • its very artistic *
  • Joy and fantasy if hong kong NOT BECOME this UGLY things !
  • LA ISLA BONITA! Very nice!
  • Lagoon looks like 劃蛇添足 next to Victoria harbour. More like a swamp in wetlands. Does it fit Central?
  • look fun
  • love the concept, but more thoughts are needed towards the scale of spaces.
  • Modern, uniq and beautiful
  • New Testament
  • No one believe your ranking, u italian guys are always cheating. You think the chinesse people are stupid, don´t u?
  • No one believz ? I believe !
  • No one believz ? You racist ! You are the last person in the world. Before to say the word "italy" or "Italian" wash your mouth, stupid racist !
  • no!
  • oh my god............600 votes for this..............so which developer.company is this
  • Plover Cove Reservoir Nos. 2 & 3 right in central. Save all the pipe work and keep NT green. Do we still need water from East River?
  • powerful diagram but literal translation
  • Remarkable
  • so good
  • sorry this is earth, not hell
  • Stop this racism, I have both Italian and Chinese frens ok? What the hack is happening here u guys are professionals!
  • stupid just a draw
  • Terrible concept... too much senseless structures.
  • Terrific!
  • the emotion of the transparencies
  • The towers are impractical ... the pedestrian experience is questionable and too orchestrated ... where is the usable open space?
  • The way they re-invented the relationship between water and waterfront is very inspiring.
  • There is already stretches of water at the Victoria Hrabour. By having an artificial lagoon, it will lose much of the developable land.
  • Think it over again and resubmit
  • This is one of the best projects I've seen in a few years. A equilibrated, elegant design - with a touch of humour.
  • this is rather interesting, just that i dont find the purpose of having the towers there if there's no functional use to it. especially if to scale, it'll be a waste of material.
  • this kind of rude invasion of Victoria Habour should be stopped! And i really can not accept its scale--emptyness, lacking of activities, it basically a design can only be appretiated on helicopter.
  • this project hasn't sens
  • too much reclamation!! it even exceed what the Government is proposing!!!!
  • très magnifique!!!
  • Truly an insightful design, recreating a path t the sea
  • try to research more about what the local residents want. paper architecture .......... From Mr. Concern HK
  • ugly and unrealistic. please stop voting for yourself
  • very cool CATERPILLARs we do not need this ugly things!!!
  • very cool ideas..................better than other...proposed green patch masterplan
  • very cool!
  • Very good project! Amazing BORING PROJECT
  • Very good project! Amazing...
  • very good project!!
  • Very interesting but.... dificult I dont know
  • very interesting project!
  • very nice and pleasing in apirance
  • Very original if compared to most other projects here... Excellent.
  • very ugly!!
  • Very unusual and original project..but surely you' ve never been in HK!!!!
  • Walking on the fogg 2/5
  • well getting 1400 votes..........so scary
  • well.....................what ideas.........................
  • well.?????????????????? simply.............the best.>>>>>>>>>
  • what a great project..........this scheme we can over to other side of hk.no need the piers. thanks for consider
  • What are the caterpillars there for - I mean your theme is basically not understood at all? Besides, don't we have enough water there already?
  • what happens if there's typhoon eight? get blown away?
  • What the meaning of - FETTUCCINE CONNECTIONS? There is a relationship with HK spaghetti?
  • what's the difference between this scheme and building a new dam enclosing the water front?
  • what;s the point of making such a big lake....?????
  • Whether we like it or not, pls do not be racial !!
  • why don't the scheme take it further......and reclaim to other side hk..it willbe very sucessful
  • why the outer shape of the 1-8 pier should be contiuous in front of our harbour? that;s non-sense......if those are not pier, then why should that be protruding??? that;s really like a port but not a waterfront
  • will our victoia harbur getting more narrow?.......
  • Wow! This is indeed very bold! But is n't there enough water at the Victoria already?
  • YING & YANG tse good and spiritual!
  • You are telling me that you don't know that in a maquette those transparent columns are just a way to represent tower buildings?
  • you are telling me there will be 5 GIANT "transparent" light tubes with no use being the icon of HK?
  • you don´t deserve more than 2 points!
  • _of course....is the most innovatie...project becasue who will push the waterfront line forward...........only this scheme.>>>>>>>>School level thinking
  • _of coursZ ? You wrong here ! Many other project push even further the coast line !!! Learn how to read drawings idiot !
  • _You should finishing your study first before enter international compeition
  • жаль, что не имеется немного уважения в качестве природы
  • 北京橙风全力支持老鬼的设计,你是我们的骄傲!(23留)
  • 好恐怖 意式毛毛蟲?!
  • 很醜的毛毛蟲...
  • 燦爛耀目,欣欣向榮
  • 現實。您知道什麼我們需要。5
Team Description:
Website: www.josephdipasquale.net
Email: josephdp@libero.it
Phone: +393358395327
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