Title: Urban Wave
Code #: 053
Firm/Team: The University of Adelaide, Australia
Team leader: Leung Kam Kong
Team members: Zhong Li Hua, Le Chau Tran, Chan Wai Chi
Country of origin: Australia
Average ranking:  (3.3)
Number of votes: 500
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  • very common...and no wave at all
  • !!CAR PARK!! your masterplan is like a CAR PARK!!
  • A very functional concept, thouroughly creative and well though out
  • an intensive idea including many functional zones
  • Another boring and no innovating promenade
  • attractive
  • bad
  • Consideration of sustainability is highly appreciated.
  • dont like it...
  • Fantastic
  • fresh and intriguing approach!
  • Functional, pleasing
  • good ar~~~
  • Good desige and it can reallt show the objective of the design.Jupo
  • good design
  • good design!
  • Good idea
  • Good job. Excellent.
  • Good urban wave. Quite a balance.
  • great design and concept!
  • great piece!
  • grrr... dont like it!
  • I like the presentation, but the project is worst
  • I love the design!
  • I think it's the only one design which can truely and completely present the Hong Kong. The object of this project is clear.
  • I think that this is a fantastic design and whoever the architect is sure deserves to win
  • Innovative and good special use
  • Innovative, caring for the people, excellent design!
  • it is a poor and common
  • It is an excellent design...very nice....
  • It is an impressive work. It really creates space for people to have fun and relax.
  • It's a really good decision, very inspiration!
  • Less is more architecture are rhythm
  • love the idea of Queen's pier & StarFerry Clock Tower, re-adapted to be re-used as a Art-Gallery & Elevator, instead of re-contruction with no purpose.
  • lovely design
  • Modern, innovative, presents a well thought out social scheme and maintains cultural relativity.
  • Nice design!
  • nice presentation
  • No major improvement concerning the reclamation extent Land-use-wise no innovative proposal - reduced P2, keeps Queen's pier in land!
  • no meaning scheme
  • no way for hk,good for a small town. where is the invention?
  • not buyin it
  • not for hongkong, less of fresh ideas
  • suitable for all ages
  • thanks 北京橙风. Good Friends
  • that feels good.it seems a natrual place for people to have a wonderful rest after the busy work.i like this design very much.come on everybody,let's voke for it.
  • the art corridor is great!
  • The design is visually very appealing. It is Clear, Spacious, and has a wonderful modern look to it. It appears easily acessable by transport transport which gets my vote.
  • the design really response to the site context .... not a piece of parkland only
  • This design has obviously been thought of very carefully to produce such a unique and spectacular result. The design ties together the past and the present culture which is brilliant.
  • This designis is extremly well tought out and constructed. It meets all requirements and has a large amount of creative flair. i believe this design will go far and will maintain its cultrual significance. Good luck!
  • This is exactly how I like it to be designed. Well done!
  • This looks like a great design to me...something for everyone to do...all ages....Well done and good luck
  • This would be great to represent Hong Kong. Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi.
  • Thoughtful of place-defining, the design respects the intrinsic Hong Kong culture
  • trendy design and it is very new to HK
  • unconcrete architecture. and rather bad graphics.
  • Urban represents a good combination of different usues + connectivity
  • very beautiful and fit the coastline
  • Very good
  • very good concept that bring out the gentle theme of the city
  • Very good design!
  • Very nice and well thought out design.
  • very nothing! you can see this kind of masterplan everywhere
  • very relaxing, suitable for everyone
  • Very well done. Fuses the past culture and present fashion fantastically. A job well done indeed
  • Very Western Commercial Feel, too bad
  • well elaborated scheme, the edge can be more exciting?
  • Wonderful design I love this!
  • 不错!
  • 主題區域分明, 善用空間, 又種植大樹, 感到舒適
  • 五错
  • 保守的傳統商業style
  • 北京橙风全力支持老鬼的设计,你是我们的骄傲!(23留)
  • 實用
  • 實用=無聊 留給汽車用? 你知道這是香港最貴的地嗎 還有沒必要讓那麼多車進去..
  • 很綠化的感覺
  • 我感觉几好!绝对吾错!
  • 更重要的是给汽车流通
  • 有時代感,實用有板場
  • 有空間感,環保意識好,意念好。
  • 有預留位置給鐘樓及保育海港
  • 标题"浪林"有创意,给人耳目一新的感觉.使人自然联想起海傍、海岸、海的天空......
  • 渡海泳 concept that carry out traditional social culture of HK.
  • 用心設計
  • 真好看=]設計不錯,加油!
  • 設計新潮,特別之餘,還保留香港原有之特色。
  • 設計精心, 對未來維港景色及環保有先進的心思
  • 重視藝術,good 許願樹 is a great idea
Team Description:
Email: architectkam@yahoo.com.hk
Phone: (61) 433 168 020
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