Title: Urban Retreat
Code #: 139
Firm/Team: p.l.a.n.
Team leader: Larry Tsoi
Team members: Damian Chan, Hei-Wai Cheung, Ying-Chee Chui, Philip Kwong, Larry Tsoi
Country of origin: HK
Average ranking:  (2.6)
Number of votes: 453
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  • if it gose good for camping, I will pay 50 hk dollors per night, while in Italy cost you 10 euro (out of city).
  • -No Design... if you look at your masterplan...
  • -說穿了 你就是放了一堆沒什麼設計和特色的公園和綠色在海旁.. 還有都是很普通的公園
  • a good landscaping form but the form doesn't reflect life. Empty space, lack of definition, I could put a lot commercial to the site. Need more sensable space, no sense of cercurity.
  • amazingly well considered.
  • boring... really boring...
  • Clever and feasible plan, very well narrated and presented. well meet the brief and finished with clear and bold ideas. Highly innovative
  • gd effort put on green strategy, wisely save effort from laborious and fancy formal gesture, one of the best schemes as a planning exercise...gd job
  • Good intention to to extend the energy of adjacent district with the streamline. A decent and reasonable response to the infrastructure constraints and development demand.
  • good skill, but shame... CAD monkey
  • green design diddernet space and different use
  • HK needs something better than this
  • How sustainable is it to cover all infrastructure? Energy cost will be high. Transport engineers will have a problem with turning and merging traffic?
  • It's a very quiet and peaceful design, HK really need such a place to give those busy people a break !!
  • just talking and writing how to sustainable design. nothing done in your design.
  • maybe the land need a bit more celebrating, it's HongKong, for economy sake,
  • modest and unique urban structure set up for diverse, potential events..sublime and hs room for imagination..not trying hard to be a gimmick, singular proposal like many others do...love it
  • nice brochure! i love your methodology which leads the very sensibly considered design execution, move on~
  • seriously, the team was sad about witnessing the fact that 100 votes for 1 mark within 10 min without any comments left for us...voting doesn't bother result after all, we care about your precious comments for a better harbor.
  • Simple is ife, you get the meaning of it .
  • The design can consider various fields for HK citizens such as urban filters for environmental consideration, cultural Expo and water pavilion etc. Good look
  • The design includes various fields of environmental protection . It is said to be a good fortune for HK people. I think it is possible to work out. Indeed it is a good work!
  • this is exactly the peaceful yet joyful family and cultural gathering space hong kong is short of. your design reminds me of yokohama's waterfront but yours has a contemporary touch that align with hong kong's character. i love it!
  • typical hk styple..no style...where is the masterpiece.........
  • Urban retreat captures the ?? of what is needed on the waterfront- good connectivity
  • Using Green Open space to link up cultural and commercial spaces on Hong Kong Island is exactly what we need! We need places at the heart of the city where people can just sit down and relax.
  • very bad solution for star ferry and Queens Pier.
  • Very nice presentation board (both booklet and presentation board), can further develop the difference between the “greens”
  • What goodness that you actually designed for HK? Good photoshop shows boring space, while people going nut? Just nothing more then confusion.
  • what is yr idea of cultural-expo??? what is the function?? how can that be placed?
  • You have a good green concept, but I cannot see any local art and culture elements for our artists. you try thinking we how to educate next generation and our government how to promote" creative city". anyway, you had done a good job. From Mr. concern HK
  • 「氧氣農莊」的功能, 幾好的環保意識, 香港須要這樣的設計
  • 我對「文化設施與展覽」有啲保留喎
  • 綠化空間 too much that is like the park
  • 设计不华丽而朴实。但是内容却是空乏, 文化定义应该再仔细一点。而且维多利亚港应该不像这样宁静。
  • 貼緊維港現實環境 保…空間平衡…舊有建築群 “實際可行” 值得參詳 本港的代表作! “環保分子 維港鬥士” 也會贊同
  • 貼緊維港現有環境,綠化空間,平衡狹隘建築群,實際可行!本港代表作!值得參詳!環保份子,維港鬥士,也會贊同!
Team Description:
Email: tsoilarry@hotmail.com
Phone: 852-93067151
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