名稱: 香港無極域
號碼: 318
公司/隊伍: BAND (Bureau of Architecture, Networks and Design)
隊長: Laszlo Fecske
隊員: Laszlo Fecske, Jin Tao (陶 金 ), Gabriel Tien Yao WANG (王天祐 ), Edgar Laguina
國家: England
平均評分:  (3.1)
投票數量: 232
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  • Hamilton and Alonso likes !
  • a masterplan...become a landscape roundabout
  • can i find somehwere in hong kong islands is not dynamic..........i need somewhere peaceful..not exciting
  • furmula 1 -excellent
  • great ideas.................proposed motorway in hk harbour
  • great ideas.it go along with the main road next to it..............
  • Hong Kong needs it's roads to be in straight lines. We have enough extra mileage going around mountains, don't need to circle flat places too.
  • If Hong Kong builds this thing I'm going to abandon the city and never come back anymore. We've had enough roads and bridges...And we ain't cars!
  • Infinity concept – too flat
  • Infinity gardens. Rigid flows. Beautiful curves.
  • is this highway design competition...or masterplan design.......so school
  • it feels good! hk people need open space!~
  • it looks bad!
  • It's far too road-driven. People will choke in the traffic fumes in the patches of grass between the highways. Pretty from the sky, but not much use for pedestrians.
  • It's not a SUPER HIGHWAY competition..
  • it's really nice
  • looks very dynamic!! lots to explore whilst swooping about by the sea!
  • Lots of green accessible level.
  • Love the flows, and working on different layers.. Would be a seriously fun place to explore.. :)
  • lovely sinuous curves. Seems like a fun place to being the whole family. Would love to run along those long strips to chase the harbour fireworks!
  • no more bridge. Mr. concern HK
  • roundabout concept
  • saw this work at pier 8. Loved it! Looks fun
  • sick etc.
  • So, what does "infinity" have to do at the Waterfront?
  • Strong formalistic concept No improvement on reclamation extent Super highway aesthetics for pedestrians!
  • The design looks attractive, workable and viable for local as well as visitors to enjoy. It encompasses all the needs of development purposes.
  • the good design in strips over the road
  • this place will be a good place to go to another place
  • very captivating and dynamic concept. cogratulations!
  • well,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,nice ideas.....is it realy necessary
  • 外形美觀、突出”無極域” 名字有動感創作性豐富。
  • 路線略為太長
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地址: +44 (0) 7811180684
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