名稱: Hong Kong Infra-Scape
號碼: 207
公司/隊伍: Paul Lukez Architecture and c2 | studio Landscape Architecture
隊長: Paul Lukez, Principal (PLA)
隊員: Paul Lukez, Principal (PLA), Scott Carman, Principal (c2s), Jane Choi, Principal (c2s), Marie Becker (PLA), Joshua Ayares (PLA), Liu Peng Fei (PLA), Wang Ka (PLA), Leslie Lok (PLA), Radhika Garg (c2s), Jae Yoon Lee (c2s)
國家: U.S.A.
平均評分:  (3.1)
投票數量: 126
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Hong Kong Infra-Scape: Analysis and Proposal (7.4MB)
  • Very nice project ! Very elegant. Congratulation from another partecipant to the competition !
  • Corridor design
  • good imagination
  • Good open space. Panoramic view.
  • Have you ever driven on a high speed motorway? This design will give you just that "2-line" form. Technology of "cars" has reigned, the rest are "followers".
  • less is more, nice, but the scale is not right
  • non human scale of spaces and structures. but it seems a well thought out design... just everything is too big and grand.
  • The design seems intimidating. This is meant to be a public space, and surely more emphasis should be placed on integrating the harbourfront with teh communities that live close by. The icons you highlight do not represent the community; they are imposi
  • Timeless design, multifunctional, realistic.
  • very practical, maybe costly
  • 具現代感,簡約和諧,綠化區適中。
  • 合大眾口味,像國際都會的設計
  • 幾舒服優閒
  • 最欣賞有一淺水浴場,及大型通道皆用日光,唯設計的整體不夠流線及優美
網站: www.lukez.com (PLA) and www.c2-studio.com (c2s)
電郵: plukez@lukez.com
地址: 617-628-9160
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