名稱: 可變形之海港
號碼: 062
公司/隊伍: Flexi-group
隊長: Chan Wing Yan
隊員: Scott Howe, Pang Tsz Chun Adrian
國家: HK
平均評分:  (2.9)
投票數量: 97
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Design & Study Report (13MB)
Outline Zoning Plan (2MB)
Animation of Flexi-port (27.4MB)
  • expensive but no use....
  • finally something more than just ordinary greenery
  • good
  • Good try! Bold thinking. In time you will mellow!
  • I missed the concept and can't figure out what the presentation is trying to say
  • keep going.....................
  • real construction is different from building a 3d model, are you sure it is going to work?
  • the best student proyect
  • the concept of flexible will definitely become HK's new landmark
  • the design seems too complex and advanced
  • This kind of stuff will be out of fashion in 5 years. Sorry.
  • we want a space to use, not a style to appreciate. more ethnics, less aesthetics
  • welcome people from Mars, thank you for entering the completion on earth. I repersent human being to offer you a greatest vote: 5
  • yeah, zaha chair, with a dumb grid. I have no problem with NURBS form as an intellectual exercise but this design does not seem to be driven by any sensible parameters. And the puny grid, oh dear, I think I died a little inside
  • Zaha chair
電郵: cualice@netvigator.com
地址: 98364796
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