名稱: 渔岛
號碼: 123
公司/隊伍: MV-architects
隊長: Yong Tang
隊員: Cora-Auguste Lutz, Ping Hu, Weihua Yue, Yang Chen.Lei Jia
國家: China
平均評分:  (3.2)
投票數量: 250
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  • muy divertido, enhorabuena
  • It is not Hong Kong... I mean this style can be anywhere
  • a fishermen village is good for a VILLAGE, not a city
  • Cant you notice that is no junks, but one for toutists, in Voctoria Harbour anymore. Sorry, i cant agree with you.
  • cool design
  • fishing village is not the future image of Hong Kong.
  • Funky, but might not be practical
  • Good drawing but there is a spelling mistake
  • great form! and usual for harbour!
  • great garden
  • i like your landscape concept....is much better than other golf course design.............keep going
  • I think is very nice. the use of the water is a good idea
  • I think this is the best use of the site as a place between earth + water without developing it for commercial use.
  • Interesting layout
  • looks good on boad but construction and maintaience of the pods would see the area turn into slow in a very shout time
  • Not good enough
  • not realism
  • Stupid project, a nonsense
  • This design reminds me that the optimum design may include much less reclamation than is approved. I would like to see the width of reclamation
  • very uses
  • We was but are no longer a fishing village ... the image in no longer applicable.
  • 和谐的,自然的,生动是而实际的
  • 很有中秋節的感覺
  • 整体把握不错,表现力度差点劲。
  • 方案不错,就是效果图差了点。
  • 時代感, cyberfeel!
  • 設計獨特,如像水中威尼斯
  • 超時代
  • 这个设计有意思
  • 青蛙頭頂上的魚群???
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電郵: info@mv-architects.com
地址: 86-10-65046698
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