Title: Symphony of Water
Code #: 320
Firm/Team: BSD
Team leader: Thomas Seun
Team members: Hans Drexler; Paul Lee; Raimund Loi; Cindy Lau; Ed Liu; W H Wang; Gary Ying
Country of origin: U.K.
Average ranking:  (2.6)
Number of votes: 975
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  • Stop voting this please
  • -so many landmarks building.....too much
  • * a different approach!! warm colour giving me a cool hk image
  • - Tidal Garden concept is too ideal. - Memorial Garden - GOOD! - Need more reclaimation?
  • -i like your yellow images
  • -Long coastline, easy to touch the sea, I like your first image. People cycling and jogging along the coastline
  • -unquestionably, you guys got a best atmosphere in this competition although it is some kind of idealism... the HK government only like capitalism things
  • . so yellow
  • =IDEAL HONG KONG picture
  • =ideal waterfront + filmset montage fresh idea in this competition
  • =Jean Nouvel Vigo harbour, Spain
  • A a golden hong kong waterfront not bad
  • A copy from Beatiful picture, Future of Hong Kong Beautiful image!
  • A copy from Nouvel original project
  • A good sense
  • A sunset mood approach
  • a very low-cost production...
  • Absolutely bad project only well presented... trying to cheat on common public
  • Are you trying to destroy the hoabour?
  • bad symphony
  • Beautiful project ^_^
  • Beautiful renderings
  • Beautiful~
  • Chairmen Who MAUSOLEUM!
  • cudmhf czhf redztq fhgnzwro jrpnazhm qmlhc longczjpw
  • deep feeling mood, it's a mood for love, periog before sunset and before sunrise
  • did i see it somewhere in magazine before ? Jean Nouvel fan.
  • different............at least is not green
  • Good Images, very bad project! HK has already a Huge collection ok Iconic Buildings and this kind of Disneyland or Abu Dhabi Clone is not what the waterfront needs! You did not follow the Competition Rules destroying the harbour and comunications hub.
  • Good work my young generation architect and urban planner. green_me
  • great images, bad project
  • great mood, but no more reclamation please.
  • great mood........good move............by introducing landmark building
  • Great renderings.......but what else is there? Its another scheme where obviously they've never been here and seen our city.
  • hk developer will hate this.....but why not
  • Hong Kong must be better than this...
  • how do you call it a Symphony ??
  • I will love in it if Hong Kong can become like this atmosphere.
  • it got a very great view
  • It is rather like from a HOROR film!
  • It's a only one poetic thinking in this competition
  • like it!
  • looks like a dungeon on the side
  • Nice but too geometric! Very beautiful render but I can't see clearly how the project is!
  • NO! NO! NO! Awful!
  • not a green scheme..............colour scheme
  • not suitable for Hong Kong, we can never see all the sun set and sun rise with the tall buildings. The rendering is misleading
  • Now I realise how to bring dreams into reality
  • poetic approach i agree
  • poor!! stop!!! no more high building!!!!
  • romantic
  • so GOOD!!!
  • The one and only in this competition
  • too simple...anything else?
  • Totally Wrong design direction, but good 3D images. From Mr. Concern HK
  • v.good
  • very aggressive to the water
  • Very good relationship between water(sea) and land
  • very nice .....^V^.....
  • very nice feeling
  • Very nice site!
  • what a poetic approach............a interesting apppoach
  • What's going on? This looks more like a proposal for an arid climate (Southwestern U.S.A.) than HK!
  • Why autumn's leaves
  • wsrofhme ubgh qmgihjkzy sywjr muozhpfe uxzonslfa tklgjhuy
  • _so fake so many votes
  • 你设法使与黄金颜色; )
  • 北京橙风? Who are you? Who is 24? anyway, i like this poetic approach
  • 北京橙风全力支持老鬼的设计,你是我们的骄傲!(23留)
  • 整體設計吸引,但1-5頗礙眼,且亦需再填海。
Team Description:
Email: swseun@yahoo.co.uk
Phone: +447727634039
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