Title: Bringing the Water Back
Code #: 262
Team leader: Lam Ching Hang and Wilson Wong
Team members: David Clayton, Wilson Wong, Cargo Chau, Calvin Chan, Billy Chan, Karen Fung, Gavin Lin, Kong Chan, Ken Yeung, Anthony Fok
Country of origin: HK
Average ranking:  (2.2)
Number of votes: 197
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  • appealing sections, nice water park idea, but lack of connection and relationship to the hinterlnads
  • awesome
  • Damages the habour front look like a ruin
  • fun design, well consideration in advantage of the site. But I think the user group of hk, land subdivised as shown in master plan will increase its land value, it's dangerous when a great land used by few rich people. People always is the first concern o
  • fun relaxing HK style
  • good concept, but both seems to create silence relaxing area, losting the life energy
  • Good ideas and concept but execution lost in the complex intensions
  • good infinity pool, connect the victoria harbor (sea) and HK Island( land)
  • good section to show different spacial arrangement and level differences
  • good urban design and concept, well function and zoning
  • good urban view is created, good linkage between the habor and city
  • Harbor back is great Good transition of water/sea
  • it shows open recreational space for HK
  • like the floating stage
  • looks interesting but boring actually
  • Low rise +open space
  • Monorail is very interesting.
  • My favorite. Diverse + great to see the activities you can do.
  • nice graphic ..
  • nice to see you ork cargo. have fun. xu guang.
  • only a graphic......
  • Sar
  • Simple design- always good
  • some concepts are good but can't see all of the concept
  • Someone got a little carried away with the idea of "water" for the waterfront site...
  • The section is interesting but it also means no relationship of each sections
  • unique
  • unique, fun, nice architecture
  • very creative and beautiful
  • Very nice site!
  • very relaxing and fun
  • well look good................in plan..........but no vision
  • you are able to describe a lot of event, but overall lack a consistent ideas going through all the thread. like a symphony without a conductor.
  • 喜歡個floating stage
Team Description:
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