名稱: Rolling Out the Red Carpet
號碼: 263
隊長: David Clayton and Christine Lam
隊員: Wilson Wong, Cargo Chau, Calvin Chan, Billy Chan, Karen Fung, Gavin Lin, Kong Chan, Ken Yeung, Anthony Fok
國家: HK
平均評分:  (2.6)
投票數量: 218
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  • - Fragmented theme without clear attraction. Inconvenience walking around, being puzzled (maze).
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  • a beautiful design that utilises the waterfront area well and creates usable spaces at different levels.
  • A BIG CANOPY again, OUT of SCALE and not allowed any buildings on it
  • A feminine touch
  • a new idea of coloning the waterfront red instead of green
  • ANYWAY...i don't understand......but it look different
  • At first glance, I felt that this was a very beautiful design and would surely add the the beauty of Hong Kong. However, it is quite impratical. The flowers will not live forever, and once wilted, will leave a horrible, bald mess in its stead.
  • beautiful!
  • can't perceive what would happen on the "carpet". the scheme seems about circulation however it's convoluted.
  • Carpet... I think it is the main wrong direction in the beginning
  • colorful idea. probably be better if a sequenced sections with flowers/plants that show color sequentially through the calendar- then a fraw all the time, not just one season
  • Cool.
  • giving people to feel about their enviro.seems the best way to approach coz helps come out from their tali buildings
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  • great form new colour to harbour! will be specticular!!!!
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  • Hi webmaster!
  • horrible ... a big canopy .... no reason like that
  • how does it work in reality??
  • i don't really understand what the flowers have to do with anything...
  • I don’t particularly like the architecture, but the design put a lot of thought into creating a diverse away of waterfront activities
  • if I am not wrong, this is the similar scheme from the AA school in London.
  • it is full of flowers
  • Just like the petals, a feminine touch:)
  • Looks like a bloody disease in your lungs...
  • no difference from some podium schemes, relatively, poetic and appealing enough as a comeptition eye candy..gd job
  • No improvement on reclamation extent nor transport system Flower chosen doesn’t represent HK Interesting design approach and shapes
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  • panels look nice. but it's going to look like elevated driveways when it is built. perfect place for drugs trade and corpse disposal.
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  • reasonable plan, but devided into too many small pieces
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  • sorry........ I don't like this. the scale is just not right
  • The Azalea is beautiful, but extremely short-lived. When the blosooms die out, we would have a balded Waterfront at the heart of HKG!
  • The idea of flower is fair but why not bauhinia blakeana? Also not sure whether flowers can grow by the seashore. Structure however, too complicated. A more simple but strong element would help better
  • This is a direct copy of the AA project. Shame on you
  • Ugly voids..... please dont spoil our harbour
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  • Very attractive presentation board, nice colour, good layout, nice physical model
  • Very nice site!
  • very very nice!!
  • well...don't know what is going on
  • What on earth is this monster??????Ugly pink mass.....
  • Who are you trying to please?
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  • 可爱组合!
  • 同上,都係好多好多既紅色花。
  • 我说是暴力组合
  • 有創意
  • 非常特別,好吸引香港會變成一個有創意的地方。
電郵: davidclaytonhk@yahoo.com
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