Title: Our Harbour, to be Continued...
Code #: 137
Firm/Team: OH_TBC
Team leader: Fung, King Hang Martin
Team members: Chan, Kin Kwok Stephen; Law, Chun Wai Justin; Lam, Suet Kwan Katja
Country of origin: HK
Average ranking:  (3.2)
Number of votes: 304
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  • it is not going to work
  • a large piece of green but doesnt fit the surrounding scale.
  • A nice concept which is rational and appropriate for the harbour.
  • A nice landscaped idea but not enough canopy. I propose 5!
  • an energentic and bold idea... prehaps that's what HK is looking for.
  • another oportunity lost for Hong Kong...
  • cliche repetitive concept, but a bit better than others
  • Confused!
  • CONTINUED? 係邊度?!
  • Design recognize HK’s speed needs for coxes during hot, wet summer months
  • dutch style approach
  • fantastic!!!
  • great !
  • Great idea, good special use
  • green again..................golf course......................very dutch
  • Has some important strategic ideas on the current status of the site but plan is rather crude.
  • hk vision..can someone tell me why
  • how come everyone make a big canopy??? the site is just flat....without any terrain......the canopy will give provide a big shading for the low ground.......that's so unpleasant to pedestrain walk through that.....and what will be the activities under the
  • i like the simple but bold idea. It's one of the best.
  • i like this concept, but it should be better if you focus on what is Hong Kong.
  • Idea is great, less land filling.
  • if Le Corbusier raise up his head....
  • Interesting but can be better
  • it looks very entertained
  • it's a refreshing design
  • It's NOT Continued at all... sorry
  • Like the monorails. How about linking Wanchai? Central?
  • look like sth copied
  • loss of local identity. From Local Artist
  • meaningless
  • nice
  • nice diagram, literal translation lead to poor design
  • nice vote
  • Not just put more time on the concept, try to make design development. you are in conceptual stage. Mr. Concern HK
  • Not sure about the quality of space in 'Void'
  • over 100 votes and over 4stars in average? Don't be so navie. I don't see your timeless idea unless those are really Corbusier's rubber bands.
  • Presentation was fun did not present the design clearly. Worried that the open spaces are between developments; the harbourfront should be a space rather than building.
  • Provide a balance between green , natural and activities.
  • so why every team are proposed...green.,...and big shape..is that really human architect.....
  • The Best By Far
  • the concept of linkage with the city and image is great. i like it
  • The courtyard idea is good. i like the event space in between
  • typical hong kong style.............just green..............no masterpiece character
  • very boring
  • Very crude layout that is out of scale. Serious lack of subtleties.The rubber band reminds me of similar ideas in the Baseline Study Rpt of the Central Policy Unit.
  • very fun idea and presentation. creative and original. Great!
  • We dont understand this stupid jury decision. We consider your concept one of the best! Our best wishes for your other competition participation. You have realy the great and sustainable ideas! CONGRATULATIONS!
  • well.....................green again..can someone tell me why every scheme is green
  • What does Corbu have to do with your presentation?
  • Where is your design?
  • 好差 毫無設計的一大片green
  • 尼斯的想法!
  • 很精彩!
  • 生生不息看不到在哪里 设计上完全看不到 只留下一堆没定义的绿色
Team Description:
Email: mrfung@netvigator.com
Phone: 90320430
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