Title: CENTRAL WATERFONT OF HONG KONG - Towards Sustainable urban island
Code #: 250
Firm/Team: teamVDS
Team leader: Prof. Dr.Jerzy Wojtowicz
Team members: Dr. Jerzy Wojtowicz, Prof. Minoru Takeyama, A&T Takanaka, Dr. Wong Wah Sang, Dr. Kaz Butelski, Natalie Wan Hoi Wah, Kwong King Kee
Country of origin: Canada
Average ranking:  (3.2)
Number of votes: 561
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Bird Eye View of New Waterfront (738KB)
  • The most innovativ
  • good for hk
  • eye catching
  • It looks so nice and interesting!
  • wow... the ugliest flower i've ever seen in my life...
  • so you copy West 8... but you won't win with this project. It's void inside
  • Thinking of Dubai's Palm Island....you may think it is stupid, but it really attracts the world's attention!
  • icon + collective memory + environment------> good design for HK
  • I think this is the only project that have considered the relocation of Star ferry tower and queen's pier
  • what we need is an icon!
  • It provides an image of hk for the tourists. It is no good to make difficult architecture which only can attract a small proportion of people to come
  • the heritage zone is very important in his scheme
  • I think it match the competitoin's objectivevery much
  • it is important for Hong Kong to have an icon of identity. Good to see a project really go for this direction rather than giving a conventional French garden design
  • ...just so so
  • .west 8 bad version
  • a bad COPY of West-8 project...
  • a creative way of expressing hk's icon -- Bauhinia flower and water city! keep it up!
  • A flower? Kiss the big guys' ass!
  • a little bit boring
  • a very special design
  • amazing, a great concept that introduces sustainablity within the city!!
  • another golden bauhinia to attract the "free walkers"
  • as an outsider of urban planning, i would really love this design as it promote hk's image
  • bad bad bad i dont like it
  • boardwalk!! good! very eco-friendly nice overall image
  • Central waterfront park for the people is fantastic......the island idea is OK i think that the bauhinia symbol is a cliched
  • Clear proposal. Avoid the shape of HK flag.
  • Difficult to give up so much reclaimed land to open space. Why bother to reclaim then?
  • eee.. dont like it.
  • Emphasis an water and park = HK Central Park Good visual corridors development
  • excellent, detailed, enjoyable, very impressing, i like it
  • excellent, enjoyable, very impressive, tourist will like it
  • extra credits given to the increased surface of water created by the bays and pools which spread out along the park
  • flower instead maple... west-8!!!
  • flower-power....
  • for me it looks badly.. Not enough new.
  • good
  • good to have a outstanding and special icon in front of our new CGO, better than those typical hk planning
  • good to have an icon for Hong Kong in the most important location
  • good to see a back-to-basic design, rather than other pointless and unrealistic "architecture"
  • Good try
  • Great design- also green
  • Green up the streets and promote a new clean and realible method of water transportation
  • Hey, man, you are very funny~ Your error, i believed, is fatal!
  • I agree very much that the design should be based on water as Hong Kong is really a water city
  • I am an ordinary citizen and I like the design because it is easy to understand (for both loal and foreign people) and will attract more tourists.
  • i am totally shocked by your literal translation of the city symbol on site. your design didn't go through the process of artistic distillation before presenting this to us. we need creative interpretation of the image of hong kong, instead of imposing th
  • i an loving it
  • i know that I know that... I know someone would put the HK flag as the plan...come on guys... it can auto-rotated as well right?
  • I like the design of the flower
  • i love no design.....................so 2d............great peiece of work
  • I love the design of the island, plenty of fun
  • I should say it makes the coast interesting and will serve as a tourist attraction
  • innovtive idea, but may need to be further developed!
  • it fits the need of hk
  • It is good
  • it is so funny I cant sustain my laughter. Honestly though, any landscape architect can see this scheme doesnt even know what sustainability from a n environmental apporach really is
  • it looks really nice and interesting
  • It may be sustainable, but very unrealistic, hard to imagine that it's come from a group of professional people....
  • it will be a most stupid idea to glorify an undemocratic government.
  • its HK not Canada ....boring
  • It’s good to have solar city.
  • It’s very refreshing to see a designer who has considered the environment
  • landmark and floating solar panel
  • low quality project for a high quality city...
  • mainland concept
  • many tall buildings
  • masterplan = flower...
  • Naïve design, directly apply the flag into a urban design/building? Can it be a more shallow and littoral approach than this? And is this design really deserve this many vote and ranking this high? HONG KONG is going no where if the public really think th
  • Neat design with the strong reference to Hong Kong people identity (heritage zone with the relocated Queen’s Pier) and needs (sustainability).
  • Nice concept for the waterfront, a very balanced design.
  • nice idea, but hoping to see it further developed
  • OMG... big flower.. is it a Typical Mainland Chinese Idea??
  • plenty of creativity, but just wonder how mcuh can be done . For example -can you really do that much reclamation? Anyway, good try!!
  • radicaly difference then others, potentially interesting
  • representative of Hong Kong, imaginative yet appropriate to the needs
  • Scary movie... out of scale, ridiculous
  • Simple,neat and strong
  • simpliest and strongest
  • Some sense to capture the local Bauhinia but overall another romantic landscape solution - "all green". Valuable land is not capitalized to "energize" waterfront developments, public and private.
  • superb , amazing
  • Sustainability here is a strong concept, yet it is not well developed here. really looking forward to seeing it further developed in later stage
  • sustainability is importamt
  • Sustainable ecological principles are important.
  • Sustainable Urban Island is very nice!
  • the amount of greenery is suitable for polluted city like hk
  • the biggest green empty design in this compeition
  • the concept of usng the queen's pier, clock tower, and city hall to form a public square is very clever and suits hk poeples' needs
  • the development density is too low
  • the flower is really annoying!And to less water comming into the land.
  • The green flower on the poster is absolutely discouraging!!
  • the HK logo in the sea surface can be as an characteristic
  • The icon about Hongkong is its activities as a whole, it is a beautiful idea, it is better dont saperate the flower from the land, cause now it's bit like seperating hongkong from china.
  • The idea of sustainability is a smart move for this project.
  • the island itself plus the new central grovernemtn office act as a good synergy
  • the windmill should go to wong tai sin, not victoria harbour
  • this is a meaningful design
  • this is what hk poeple want!
  • this project seems to be done by students...
  • timid design and iconical - no improvement on reclamation extent - no proposal on P2 alignment - PlanD design exercise
  • ugly
  • very creative, e-friendly and a very practical
  • very cultural and natural and creative
  • very nice
  • very tacky design... not elegant, sustainability here is only skin deep
  • wasting the money
  • WEST 8 use maple leaves and you use ...
  • Who will go there?
  • why why why???
  • you are depending on a symbolism = flower to make a waterfront.. the people spaces is not present. its good only presentation, but no filling.
  • 不要偷用方案...跟加拿大west 8的方案實在太像.
  • 北京橙风全力支持老鬼的设计,你是我们的骄傲!(23留)
  • 標誌能代表香港,綠化區不俗,夜間優美
  • 没有想象力
Team Description:
Website: http://www.m-take.com/
Email: jerzy@interchange.ubc.ca
Phone: 1 604 822 23 71
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