Title: Victoria = Value + Vatility + Variety
Code #: 133
Firm/Team: Wongsma
Team leader: Ir. Geert REITSMA
Team members: Ir. Stephanie Y.K. WONG, Ivan Y.L. CHAN
Country of origin: Netherlands
Average ranking:  (3.1)
Number of votes: 104
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A4-final report - ID-133 (28.5MB)
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A1 panels - ID 133 (27.9MB)
  • Please spell correctly
  • A people's design - which is good. Nothing really stands out though.
  • detail outline zoning plans to show the classification of buildings. good implementation of value, vitality and variety
  • dont like it, bad graphics
  • for me colourless.
  • Friendly approach, and work very detail and strategical way. proposed activities are urser and cultural oriented.
  • good
  • good balance encourages public participation and not completely developed
  • great! suits what people need in different eways yet still creating a balance
  • immature work
  • Interesting take. I like how it looks complicated from above. The waterfront needs a little change.
  • it provides comfortable environment for relaxation
  • like the concept of 3V
  • naive...... no depth....
  • not convince me
  • really really great design
  • student level
  • student level student level student level
  • suits the different needs of people
  • the presentation is rather bad. i dont see it right
  • this design needs more attention.. value, vatility, variety great combination
  • unique, awesome
  • very practical and open
  • Very Student Level..
  • Whoever says very student level is a complete idiot or has a very student level mind
Team Description:
Email: geertreitsmaster@gmail.com
Phone: +31(0)6 144 94 366
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