Title: 36 Gardens
Code #: 193
Team leader: Poon, Ho Lun Allen
Team members: Jonathan Solomon, Kenneth Yeung, Sam Tung
Country of origin: HK
Average ranking:  (3.1)
Number of votes: 359
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  • A very good design, taking into account of the needs of Hong kong. Hong Kong needs more space and trees to enhance it's image as an international city. I like it.
  • almost a joke.
  • anyway..............get more friend to votes
  • Are you Kidding?
  • Bad design, not suggesting
  • go,,,hk design..great
  • golf course???????no!
  • hk is the best
  • i don't see how the inner city can connect to the garden, does it mean we can only across all the shops, then we can enjoy the garden? Developmer thinking??Money Money....making??
  • i like hiding shops underground and havung green garden
  • i love the idea of courtyard gardens!
  • I think a mall would be an excellent idea since no one in the city like to walk in an open big park during a hot sunny day. A mall with courtyards inside would be ideal. who doesn't like walking in a mall? especially in such location?
  • i think if you read the drawings carefully then you can see the difference between connecting and blocking the waterfront. this proposal is connecting the footbridges from central to wan chai.
  • keep going
  • language is sexy, but more effort with programming required.
  • love the fact that the designers think at the human scale.
  • nbice scale, but i see cage and conduit rather than gardens.
  • Nice amount of greens but should have more trees and shrubs rather than lots of lawns. More variety of plants would be nice.
  • not another golf course.............................this time 36 golf course..why every scheme is a golf course
  • nothing new
  • oh, it blocks the whole harbour from the inner Central.....
  • seems like your team need to hire a kid and sit there and click to increase the rating
  • Sensitive to the existing context. Good integration of commercial use and landscape. The simple promenade echoes will with the one along TST.
  • should call 36 hole golf
  • subtle but nice courtyard space. i like it
  • There must be a really immature downer who comments negatively on everyone's design. There isn't even screening for these comments.
  • there's no difference between one garden and 36 gardens while all 36 gardens look the same
  • this looks like the work of an otter
  • very good, a garden in hk would change the image of hk
  • very good........keep going hk design
  • very greenery
  • Well...that's great if the architect can bring more "grenn" to the victoria harbour area....it's too concrete rite now..
  • what an ugly plan
  • What is the energy cost of covering all infrastructure? Do transport design standards allow turning and merging in tunnels?
  • Why close the views to the sea. The suspended gardens for HK a nice idea, bur the designed ones are a little bit rigid...
  • you will go there?
  • your approach is making people difficult to access to the waterfront...which is fatal
  • 什么36花园?做的更好,但一个精心设计的
  • 你想把"廣西龍脊梯田"放在香港嗎 that is not good. Nevertherless, you concern the development of Star and Queen's Piers , I like it. From Mr. concern HK
  • 刺激觀感,文化特別
Team Description:
Website: www.marchds.com, www.solomonplanning.com
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