Title: The Future Waterfront of the City Centre - Symbiotic Morphogenesis
Code #: 296
Firm/Team: Eric Design Architect Ltd.
Team leader: Chan Kin Wa Eric
Team members: Alex Tse
Country of origin: HK
Average ranking:  (2.9)
Number of votes: 171
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  • Hello! gccfddb interesting gccfddb site!
  • a little bit borring. doesnt impress me..
  • em...........so the masterplan can only be view from the top
  • feel nature & relax
  • Good intensions bad invention
  • good....
  • I dont like it..There's no invention.
  • i love it, but i don't buy it
  • I think it's innovative, contemporary, yet expresses environmental element
  • Its clean and refeshing. Very easy on the eyes, especially the green landscape. Well done.! Thanks, Armand
  • Keep movin! Write more
  • Lack of imagination.
  • Large potential
  • Luogo molto interessante. Speranza sar
  • many small golf course.......................thanks so what happening if the green is gone..is a masterplan not a patch of green.where is your vision
  • No improvement on reclamation extent nor transport system + 2 smaller inner ports and internal pools
  • not for me.. :/
  • not gor hk, too borring
  • problems: 1. green roofs are extremely costly to maintain in Hong Kong. And given that the space underneath the green roofs are going to be air-conditioned anyway, is it really cost-efficient paint everything green on your presentation panels? 2. people
  • Roof top greening doesn't work. Very angular. A litlle imagination would be nice.
  • So, you are tryng ecological planning on a pc of premium site. How would that benefit HKG?
  • The concept of "Third Element" is interesting. People's Square and Queen's Pier are particularly meaningful. Well done.
  • This design is a fresh breeze among the "much too much" syndrome. Very impressive, with the people's interest and sustainable ecological development as priorities.
  • to a layman, the waterfront looks tidy and neat, hope it would do minimal harm to HKG
  • Very nice site!
  • well throught, but not enough infomation on detail design, we need visions to know what kind of life you want HK to be, 2 point, + respect vote 1 point = 3 point. you could do better. CADmonkey
  • why is everything green??. isn't it a bit misleading?
Team Description:
Website: www.edarch.com.hk
Email: eric@edarch.com.hk
Phone: 852 - 2512 0727
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