Title: Narrating the City's Identity
Code #: 194
Firm/Team: 194
Team leader: Joseph
Team members: Tony, Stan, Sunny, Erik
Country of origin: HK
Average ranking:  (3.1)
Number of votes: 1672
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  • a very naive project
  • this project get more than 600 votes in one day......anyone believe this is real??
  • I agree with "HK's architects are far from european quality architecture..." you are the best example
  • +no comments................3.5= no future
  • +what can i say
  • 300 voting voices soon! Congratulations!
  • 4 stars for this project?? must be a joke
  • = Very Horrible image... if you see the big hand drawn perspective the most ugly one in this competition
  • a good attempt as student's work, but sometimeswe need to free ourselves from literal translation of your individual expression on site as symbol, which in turn contradict your opening statement of avoidance of monolithic definition.
  • A meaningful and feasible project!
  • a project really showing the identity of Hong Kong!
  • anecdotic proposal.
  • anyway,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,student level........................where is the masterpiece
  • bad graphic 3d, nice concept with the land coming into the sea, but demaged withot sea coming into the land.
  • cool ....
  • efforts for free. this already jumps out of sterotype HK. Bravo Students
  • fantastic design!!!! good work...
  • finally I can see something is not Copy from other country!
  • Good analysis of HK environment & values. Matches the existing metropolis, links the related buildings.
  • Good job! How can you imagine such fabulous work!
  • Good mix of modern architecture A classic coastal arch/docks- would be good if wood construction was involved
  • got lots of open space for family and for leisure
  • great to see hk people can design something "NEW"!~
  • HK's architects are far from european quality architecture...
  • I can\t see any 4stars qualities in this project....
  • I support Hk's local designers, as you may reflect what we want through you design. However, I cannot see that in your posters. Bad presentation skill and Planning. good index map. From Mr concern HK
  • It is what we classified as masterpiece.
  • local designer is always better as it knows the needs & wants of local residents
  • looks great!!!!!
  • looks very green... ideal for relax & fun
  • low quality proposal...
  • many has grass roof ideas which maximize green space, but this scheme do a gd balance of urban scale, most of the others are too terrifying huge.
  • maximum green coverage...!!!! sounds good!!!
  • maybe narrating, but what?
  • next 2060 ?
  • nice design
  • NONE of my business OK?
  • oh my god!!
  • Original design making good use of the waterfront + good connectivity back to the CBD
  • poor
  • Seems a brand a good ideas on variety of uses
  • seems a brand new look for the habour
  • Some good ideas on variety of uses. Not sure about the "cresents". Are they more of the "romantic" Garden City or suburban realms? Yet, overall is very "architectural" (human-made) by changing a lot of the existing urban fabric. The HK In Sight "wheel"
  • The Circle gives a unifying elements that ties in the city with the site.
  • The HK in Sight Wheel reminds me of the London Eye.
  • The radiating geometry seems too much. Though I quite like the sketches
  • this is a european quality architecture
  • This scheme is with some sounding and feasible ideas but is moderate action to treat the contrast between old and the new. Nothing too fancy or ideal.
  • unique design of the habour
  • Very smart design
  • very spacious
  • well 900 for this...........hk no future
  • well...............900 votes for this................hk no future
  • What is important is the meaning of the land, not fancy design, I think this scheme justify this that not many schemes have even think about. Gd. Work
  • When will our government move PLA from Central ? Army should not be in the most beautiful and expensive place of Hong Kong. There are so many places in our city where PLA could move to. PLA spoils our beautiful waterfront. Please give back the waterfront to civilians.
  • Wonderful! It is absolutely beyond standard.
  • Yes, it's narrating. It's also orderly and comprehensive. Just feed in more flair and I will give a 5.
  • You dont like the Military Installations?
  • yr 2nd poster really show nothing, just repeating the 1st one but that one worser, coz everything distort, not on scale and the hand drawing skill is poor
  • 北京橙风全力支持老鬼的设计,你是我们的骄傲!(23留)
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