Title: Harbour Strips
Code #: 042
Firm/Team: Sokchhay Ke
Team leader: Sokchhay Ke
Team members:
Country of origin: Australia
Average ranking:  (2.2)
Number of votes: 63
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  • good effect
  • impressive, alot of researches, like the new tramway ideas.
  • very practical, full of things to do, the extension of streetscape is great, linking to the mian street
  • agree, alot of researches, idea of strips is unique solution
  • very professional
  • this is one of the very few scheme that focus on the hong kong people social needs rather than over the top solution
  • great concept with recycling rainwater.
  • The scale between human and urban does not match
  • Very Good
  • Good concept but a bit too plane. I suggest more play with the landscaping to make more interesting escapes from the city.
  • 不能說它不好, 不過老實說...太沒個性了 ^^"
  • Hongkong social need? Hopeless, How do australian know hongkong social needs? full of things to do? Appreciate you research, but not quite hongkong.
  • very practical and great concept.
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  • Very nice site!
  • protocol decade frequency service earth
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  • Hi! PvFKrc
  • Hello! fffebed interesting fffebed site!
  • Keep movin! Write more
  • Luogo molto interessante. Speranza sar
Team Description:
Email: sokchhay.ke@student.adelaide.edu.au
Phone: +61 413 969 903
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