名稱: n/a
號碼: 034
公司/隊伍: n/a
隊長: Wing-fai Tso
隊員: Donald Kin-Hong Leung
國家: HK
平均評分:  (3.1)
投票數量: 69
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Victoria Ponds (1.9MB)
  • A Wetland Pk No. 2 in Central?
  • Does not make sense to create ponds robbing the citizends of prime land and waterfront
  • Good idea. This one lashes the government's decision of unnecesary reclamation!
  • Good interaction with the water but is it comprehensive enough?
  • Great reclamation patrimony. Very fun and interesting.
  • Great Stuff
  • I like the 3d graphic very much. But tje blue-brown composition dosnt suits for me...
  • I like the idea of preservation of Edinburgh Place because HK should try its best to preserve the precious history
  • Maybe more ponds ?
  • Preserve best of our harbour.
  • pretty awesome
  • probably the only presentation that has no green colour! i like it!
  • Reclamation to create artificial ponds that the public cannot use.....not a great use of taxpayers money.......where is the park for the people
  • Strong urban idea of integrating water surface as public space = minimize reclamation
  • thats cool look! "green area" not only means green part like plants... sea also can treat as " green area"
  • the harbour is orignally a habour! I like this one without no parks anymore. I am full of 'parks' ideas
  • The idea of " Victoria Ponds" being the concept of refurishing the harbour water the HK people is very exciting.
  • this design is unique. the overall concept will draw levels and tourist alike to enjoy the harbour front.
  • to reconstruct the Queen's Pier just next to city hall within the inner promenade (at original position)
  • totally radical scheme with minimal landfill, but, does it defeating the purpose of this competition by doing nothing by corridors blocking our views towards the harbour?
  • very nice drawings. you deserve a higher rating
  • Very nice site!
  • Why need reclamation for ponds?
  • 保留海港風味,水中有水,市民可直達海岸最邊緣
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