Code #: 066
Team leader: Xiaofeng Huang
Team members: Tongyu Wang
Country of origin: U.S.A.
Average ranking:  (3.2)
Number of votes: 175
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  • boring
  • Compare with the other crazy sketch, this one is practical and realisitic. It's for public use, for people. The connections to the city looks good.
  • dont like it
  • Except the ug perspective, I would say it's a very good design, which shows respect to history and culture.
  • Excuse could you tell me where is the project
  • good job!
  • i dont like it..
  • I like the idea of public use plus public space, which will make a successful central waterfront.
  • i really like this design because it has everything a harbour needs. it's really great that it even has a ferris wheel
  • If you look at the plan carefully, you will find it's a very good design, only nonprofessional and some professional will be potty about those crazy dream and rendering. Man, you guys are cheated when you think it's a bad project.
  • it is done very professionally, clearly, so that all may understand. this idea has everything, anyone could want, and its green too!
  • keybuilding is beautiful
  • Nice concept. Practical
  • nice, but not enough
  • ordinary
  • practical
  • practical design
  • practical but simplistic :-/
  • The plan is very good and practical, I would like a harbor like this.
  • the presentanion is bad..
  • there is Ferris wheel and all the other things you need
  • This is very good piece of design
  • Very nice site!
  • very novel and creative! Great job!
  • 平面与program都很不错,鸟瞰差点,但这个方案应该能入围吧。。。
Team Description:
Email: huangxf2004@gmail.com
Phone: +852 6708 7240
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