Title: Central Hong Kong Waterfront
Code #: 241
Firm/Team: Jason A. D. Shirriff, Architect, AIA
Team leader:
Team members:
Country of origin: U.S.A.
Average ranking:  (3.9)
Number of votes: 476
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  • ....excellent
  • :{
  • a 1! nothing to watch
  • a joke!
  • a joke.
  • A look at the lower left of the page and you can download the text for the design concept.
  • a sketch? Hard work, ej, is it fair??
  • Dear american architect, if you could only figure out our harbour's problems after spending such long time but no design. Maybe you should just save your time on your local projects
  • Dear Sir, what fun would that be?
  • do the author think he is the most intelligent manon Earth?
  • dont understand!
  • for me not enough for the competition
  • funny... not!
  • Hej! What do yoyu think you are doing!? A cookie contest? Dont be silly. I see you!
  • i dont see anything..
  • i give it 1, because there is no zero.
  • I understand it's not a joke! It is a serious matter. Please read the booklet and than give an opinion...
  • I understand, it's a joke....? a good one:)
  • I'm curious who is voting..
  • It is a pitty that you just send such a promising sketches and do not develop more your suggestions. Could be nice to see one concept more and bring a sronger voice ...
  • It's a good way to draw attention, ladies and gentelment ! a well thought out sketch ! Not a jok, I believe you have been well concerning the objective, a respect vote - 5
  • it´s a bad joke
  • it´s a worst novel, just adding conventional reasons, the result is ultra conventional
  • Nice, but not for the competition
  • not enough
  • not fair
  • not fair, really ugly
  • not my taste.
  • really dont like it.
  • so funny
  • Strong concepts. Good to work with urban fabric. Simple sketch is raw but gets to the point without wasting alot of effort on bravado. Write up gets to the heart of core issues!
  • The journey or 1000 miles begins with 1 step!
  • The shape is attractive -allowing people activity and access to the waterfront.
  • very fun~~~
  • Very nice, strong concept presented by hand. I like it.
  • Would be not fair for the others, whose work was match harder.
  • 这是正确的
Team Description:
Website: http://home.earthlink.net/~jshirriff/
Email: jshirriff@earthlink.net
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