Title: Topo-upHeaval
Code #: 205
Team leader: Myoungkeun Kim
Team members: Jeffrey Butcher, Hyeonjoo Park
Country of origin: U.S.A.
Average ranking:  (3.1)
Number of votes: 104
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  • Very innovative project. I'm one of the partecipant and I think this should be one of the selected for second stage ! Bravo !
  • anyway this is not american..land is valuable for us.....
  • golf course....................too big
  • great scheme by itself, i love it but does it get built somewhere in italy?
  • greenary is good for the compact hk
  • how many hole in this golf course?
  • I guess this is what they teach u to do in columbia. (or copy from parc la villette)
  • i guess...........i see this from other scheme..why thy all they look same
  • i see this ideas mnay time in europe..never work ..........................
  • I think it is too complicated as it may difficult for the miantance.Jupo
  • I think your idea with grass and trees on top of buildings is brilliant. love your waving designs o [] [] w i z [] [] o
  • interesting Landscape
  • intersting use of landscape
  • is chicago golf course
  • It brings more traffic to the already traffic congested area!!??? why?
  • like all the green next to the harbour, but the details are a little fuzzy.. and the panels kinda look the same
  • nice presentation
  • not good enough
  • not in right scale... a huge golf course
  • this is a really innovative design. good job :)
  • this is the same as another scheme..............copy from somewhere?
  • Very interesting and creative idea :)
  • well..biggest golf course..rich man will love this
  • why every scheme proposed golf course.................is what hk need
  • 利用建築物頂層種植,平衡商業區氣溫高少植物的缺點,又有空間作其他用途。
  • 利用有建築物上面有草地的概念好
  • 喜歡進入這個地方 特別得來有意思
  • 好靚的上蓋
  • 這個設計能保存大自然的色彩,並且能有時代感,最重要是建築藏於地下,能有效將因氣候的影響減至最底。
Team Description:
Email: topoupheaval@gmail.com
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