名稱: 重耀香港明珠 - 中環海濱區規劃設計
號碼: 301
公司/隊伍: Iconopolis Ltd
隊長: Anthony K C Ip
隊員: Thomas Yip
國家: HK
平均評分:  (3.1)
投票數量: 142
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301-Design Statement-Concepts.pdf (296.9KB)
  • "Chinatown"? Are you serious? We don't need more fake heritage buildings - save the real ones before it's too late!
  • A lot in the statement. Must be able to "read between the lines". Even Beijing is rebuilding her city gates. This is not a "fantasy" - realizable.
  • A rare piece to take our past, thru our present and into the future. Haven't we had enough on heritage conservation "afterthought" like King Yin Lane? Why can't we "foresee a crisis" and deal with it?
  • borring presentation
  • Corporations including developers can participate in remaking the Old Praya too - used to be a place of strong contrasts. Modernism has made HK no different from other western cities.
  • disneyland again???????
  • Diversity of uses, links and spatial qualities. Each angle is different. Good for photography.
  • dont like it..
  • get a 3d program.it may help
  • Good idea! But it's too simple
  • great handsketch and colouring, love it
  • Has considered land income. Building parts of the site will help finance the costs of the other public facilities and amenities, which govt has to pay for 100%.
  • Historic preservation is one part on the timeline. It links w/ present and future - all are relative and integrative. They are not "either or" or "mutually exclusive".
  • HK is a big Chinatown of China, dominated by mass produced concrete and glass buildings. How about people?
  • I dont undersand the purpose of this design. Even in booklet it is not clear enough :-/
  • I guess the "coherent idea" is in the theme. Munch a bit.
  • in fact, it's a very strong theme. if you are well read you will see it's beyond conventional urban design stuff. how many can merge sociology, international business, economics, history ... all together? And, the business sense is there.
  • Indistrict presentation
  • Is "boldness" everything? How aboutt "creaitivity" and "feasibility" as the organizers have said?
  • It crosses almost very discipline in Urban Design & planning. Includes even the business aspects. There has been nohting like it before in HKG!!!
  • It may not be the "boldest" but it has balanced out a lot of complex varaibles for realization. It has fused past, present and future, something HK desperately needs. Doubtful if anything "simple" can address/resolve the issues. A lot in the statement
  • It puts culture, heritage, public governance all together, to come up w/ a Chinatown in the Waterfront. From the busniness sense, it radiates to the whole of the PRD, the whole Victoria Harbor.
  • not enough for hongkong
  • On Disneyland - there's no Mick Mouse, Snow White or 7 Dwarfs here. Most things are quite sublime. Some even poetic.
  • On past, present and future, quotes from Anthony Hopkins in the movie Amistad: "What's your story? What you are...from what you were and what you will be?"
  • pearl on the necklace sounds like someone blew a load of time on this.
  • Pretty drawings and extensive design statment, but execution is not explained in the plan
  • Public-private partnerships and intensification of inter-govt contacts including PLA are set out - a bold idea.
  • Some interesting (and some not interesting) uses.
  • the presentation is colourless...
  • There is lamots evrything there - a holistic view for design that goes beyond the Central Waterfront. Can we have more details?
  • This one focuses on contents, uses human-hand more than "eye-catching" computer machine-based graphics.
  • Trying to strengthen and differentiate the human social-cultural strengths of Hong Kong, rather than conforming to "standardization" through "popular" technological developments.
  • very bad
  • very good concept
  • Very nice hand made sketches, nice ambiental view but there is no coherent urbanistic idea
  • What's wrong w/ a Chinatown? The whole of Hongkong is a Chinatown inthe whole of China.
  • XIX o XXI?
  • Yes, amazing comprehensiveness. Bold & visionary too. For a change, HKG needs more humansistic elements and macroviews to move forward.
  • 这是一个非常弱的建议
電郵: akcip2@gmail.com
地址: 85225730152
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