Code #: 302
Team leader: Blanco Longueira Manuel
Team members: Carolina Lopez Pita, Mateo Lopez, Jesus Caldelas, Martin Barreiro and Ana Blanco
Country of origin: Spain
Average ranking:  (3.2)
Number of votes: 2100
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More documentation:

Cultural Park from Le Loup De Mer Island (1.4MB)
GREEN FLOW Project Description Booklet (139.6MB)
GREEN FLOW 302 Project Description (9.3MB)
  • No shape, no idea, no project,..just threes ! Are you connected with greenery commerce ?
  • Just a lot of trees and island touching Kowloon...
  • SPANISH always at the top!! better than chinese idea!
  • +amazing this scheme. get more than 500 votes in one evening>>hard work
  • - are you going to block victoria harbour?
  • -Do you know the distant between Hong Kong Island and Kowland??
  • -you can touch kowloon already if you park the ship like that
  • ...So what?
  • actually the design can't speak for itself even the ambition (u wrote) is high......but that's the writing a proposal, you should imply that into yr design
  • another No Idea Project. where is the urban design for the city center????????????????
  • another rainforest scheme..where is masterplan
  • brave idea. The islands are the key.
  • crap etc
  • Extended island – nice thinking
  • Gay island, very nice
  • Great design. You have managed to combine all the natural elements that the harbour should be celebrated for. It also integrates well into the local community. I would give you 6 if I could.
  • Great design. You give nature the importance it has. Good luck!
  • i can only see the fake green trees
  • I can't qualificate this proyect only with this two images
  • i don't like it very much
  • i like the project, it's simple and clear!!it's good for the contest!
  • island、dragon not bad idea
  • it has nothing, just trees
  • Lot of water
  • Mateo eres mas feo que escupir dentro de un campo de futbol.Buen proyecto mola
  • mmm... and... where is the project?
  • Nice sculptures, nodes and art centres.
  • Nice, really nice and a complete project.
  • no idea, no sucsess
  • no me gusta
  • no solutions fof the city center, I have to pick 1....
  • not too ambituous
  • nothing new....
  • Open spaces/ individual
  • quite sexy.........................................................love it
  • senores! where is the design?
  • SEXY ISLAND......................WELL DONE
  • super cool !!!!!!!!!!
  • The cruise-ships interact well with the islands
  • this is an urban design competition and you propose TREES. prolblems with reading?
  • too simple
  • very bad design.
  • very dynamic yet integrated with practical lines and beautiful
  • very well designed, islands with yatch club establishing relationship with the sea and granting and area able to use watertaxis.
  • why aren't you brave enough to let people judge your design?? why do you help yourself?
  • You forgot to plan the reclaimed land
  • 北京橙风全力支持老鬼的设计,你是我们的骄傲!(23留)
  • 很特別的設計,令人感覺嚮往、寫意、清新。
Team Description:
Website: www.mblarq.com
Email: manuelbl@mblarq.com
Phone: +34 986241936
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